TV Party Tonight! #34

TV Party Tonight! #34

Monday, 17 July 2017

Get Out

It’s an absolute joy to write about Get Out, and for too many reasons to get into really. But if I could highlight one thing in particular it’s that Get Out is a movie that lives up to the hype. Unfortunately, sites like Rotten Tomatoes have served less as an accurate gauge of a movie and more as another example of rating inflation. Wonder Woman had some OK moments and holds a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Avatar is an absolute turd of a movie and currently has an 83%. So people will exaggerate on social media, yes, but are moviegoers collectively deluded also? Why should anyone believe the public when they say that Get Out is a great movie? Because it just so happens that it is and that gives me some hope for humanity.

Let’s not talk too much about what Get Out is about: a mixed race couple go off to the woods to introduce the family to the new boyfriend. Some scary ass shit ensues. Throughout, Get Out remains interesting, fun, suspenseful, and filled with twists and turns. It’s just a damn entertaining movie that looks gorgeous and one that has an incredibly satisfying ending as well. I think everyone was surprised considering this comes from the mind of Jordan Peele who is mostly known for his comedic stylings and as the star of Keanu: not exactly the greatest movie ever made. Get Out serves as a timely and important movie, that’s wonderfully executed, and places Peele as a director to watch out for.

The blu ray edition of Get Out also deserves applause, mostly because of all the great bonus features that are includes: a great commentary track where Peele points out several aspects of the film we might have missed as casual viewers; a behind-the-scenes making of; deleted and alternative scenes; and even an alternative ending (with commentary) that really would have made this a different kind of movie. So, this film is very much worth owning on blu ray!

Get Out, especially with the help of this home edition, has set the bar as one of the best movies of the year. You’d be a dummy not to see it.


Let’s get nerdy (watch for spoilers):

  • Rose’s evil side was nicknamed Roe-Roe by Peele.
  • Rose is first shown picking out pastries in the bakery like she picks out boyfriends in real life. It makes the scene play differently the second time you see it.
  • The first time we see Chris he’s putting shaving cream on his face, painting his black face white: a sign of things to come.
  • Rose seems pretty “woke” when she challenges the police officer who asks for Chris’ ID, until you realize she’s trying to cover her tracks so that no record exists of Chris’ whereabouts.
  • In that same scene the couple hits a deer (a female deer, according to Peele’s commentary), and Chris comes face to face with a stuffed deer when he’s kidnapped in a room. A buck is apparently an outdated term for a strong virile black man. Who knew?
  • Never noticed until it was pointed out by Peele, but it’s frequently foreshadowed that Chris scratches furniture when he’s nervous.
  • The groundskeeper is shown running at night because we find out he’s Rose’s grandfather and he’s still working on his Olympic running time.
  • After the truth about Rose is revealed, she’s shown in her room eating cereal stalking new prey. Behind her, the faces of the different people she’s brought to the house are framed like trophies.

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