TV Party Tonight! #145

TV Party Tonight! #145

Thursday, 06 June 2024

Enter the Dragon
[4K edition]

Boy, was I ever on a Bruce Lee kick. That Criterion box set succeeded both in content and design. It was the perfect way to get into his movies and learn a lot about who he was, how he approached his film career, and his lifestyle. The thing is, though, that the more I saw and thought about it, the more it seems like he was kind of a scam artist. I mean, “Jeet-Kune-Do”? “Be like water”? Sounds like a cult leader, you know what I’m saying? But, the man made cool movies. All that high kicking!

And why do I speak of Bruce Lee? Because, honestly, Enter the Dragon is a Bruce Lee movie. Maybe it wasn’t the intention, but he totally stole she show. I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface with Bruce Lee movies, but I think it can be argued that Enter the Dragon is the most accessible. It plays all the hits. Bruce Lee arrives fully formed, as a master we learn from, with his trademark speed and agility, and that trademark “wooo!” it even has that mirror scene! But also, the story of Enter the Dragon is cohesive and is fun to follow. I never knew just how much Mortal Kombat stole or “homage” it. Enter the Dragon probably catapulted Bruce Lee into an international superstar. Why not? He kicks ass in this movie and plays well with others, as long as they let him be the star.

I think the Criterion box set has the most extensive features, but this 4K edition is cool as well, with commentary tracks, and introductions by Lee’s widow. Also, it’s in 4K, baby! The best style!

Enter the Dragon has it all: mystery, intrigue, drug trafficking, punching and kicking, men thrown overboard, competition, some babes, and Bruce Lee at the top of his game. WOOOOAAAAA!!!!

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