TV Party Tonight! #136

TV Party Tonight! #136

Monday, 11 December 2023

Blue Beetle

Let’s just get to it, OK? Because, this one is a straight up bummer. I’m saying this because I just came off  watching the Flash and being absolutely blown away by how competent and engaging it was. It wasn’t the greatest movie by any means, but the fact that it could take an old story (listen, all superhero stories are old stories) and throw in so many fresh ideas really should be a testament to the genre. There’s a reason people have superhero fatigue and that’s because it’s just the same old story over and over again.

The Marvels apparently was that movie for Marvel this year, and I guess it’s Blue Beetle for DC, even though Blue Beetle made a tiny profit. Probably because it has a more international cast and played better in central and south America. I don’t know what DC is trying to do, and I guess James Gunn was supposed to oversee the DC movies from now on, but he must have missed this one. Or maybe he didn’t.

The reason I’m saying this is because Blue Beetle is the most cookie cutter superhero movie I’ve ever seen. It’s so contrived and unoriginal that you can guess the beats before they happen. Whatever the movie thinks is funny is just super cringey and tough to watch. And our main hero Jaime is your standard clumsy/awkward yet a good guy at heart protagnist, who just won’t shut up during the fight scenes. I get it, since the Blue Beetle is wearing a mask and probably is a stunt double during the fight scenes, they have to remind the audience that’s Xolo Mariduena in the suit. But seriously, stop narrating what’s happening around you or what your suit is doing. Same goes for the suit. It won’t stop being sassy. Just shut up, already! If you would have told me this movie was written by an AI bot, I would believe you.

The way Blue Beetle tries to bring a twist to the genre is to inject Mexican culture in a story we all know too well. Fine, but its idea of Mexican culture goes as deep as tacos, la cucaracha, and Chapulin Colorado. Honestly, is this the best we can do?

It’s impossible to determine what role Blue Beetle plays in the DC universe, and I don’t care. Don’t bother with this one, unless you want a really big fart joke.

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