TV Party Tonight! 024

TV Party Tonight! 024

Friday, 03 February 2017

Prison School: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray]

Prison School should be ashamed of itself, because honestly, I don’t know how anyone can take it seriously looking the way it does. I’m not trying to slut-shame anybody here, but a simple Google image search makes it clear who this show is targeting. Prison School is so overtly objectifying to women and geared towards horny males that it should be embarrassed. The female characters are cartoonishly sexual and the camera shots are clearly placed to degrade their characters even more. So then why is this show so fucking good?

Before we answer that let’s talk some more about the look of the show. Listening to the audio commentary on the episodes is actually very informative in this case, because we quickly learn from the production cast that the voice actors were incredibly hesitant to be involved with this show. Their agents basically asked them if they were interested in doing porn and if they’d like to use a different name for the credits, and at first, the crew wasn’t exactly opposed to that idea. But as it happens, Prison School’s story and script is so compelling and tight, that it’s bound to win almost everyone over. After all, isn’t Game of Thrones basically an excuse to show tits and ass, and yet it’s gained the respect of its audience?

If I had to summarize the plot of this show it would be One Flee Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets teen drama meets slapstick comedy. In its short season, Prison School manages to keep the tension high with a tight script that quickly develops into a game of wits between the prisoners and their captors. Every episode delivers and every episode unfolds beautifully into a cliffhanger. Not hurting things at all is how there’s a fair share of hilarity involved. Prison School manages to make its viewers feel things most of its contemporary shows only wished they could do in 26 episodes. And again, it’s all because of how well it’s written.

Prison School might never live down its look, but on second thought I don’t think it cares what we think. Maybe it’s more concerned with what’s on the inside. In that respect, it’s us who are getting schooled.


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