The Vaselines Make A Comeback!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I know I'm supposed to be an impartial news writer, but how do you stay calm when the news is this good? Just announced, one of the greatest cult bands ever, The Vaselines, has returned. That's right, Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee have reconciled any animosity they may have been harboring and reunited. Not only that, they've returned with their first new album in twenty years, Sex With An X!  The album – which will find Kelly and KcKee joined by Stevie Jackson and Bob Kildea from Belle & Sebastian on guitar and bass, and Michael McGaughrin from the 1990s on drums – is scheduled for release via Sub Pop Records on September 14, 2010, followed by a series of dates around the UK in support. To tide those excited by this news over until they can ravish the album months from now, Sub Pop has made the first single from the new album, "I Hate The 80's," available for a free download! And now Ground Control is offering it to you! Are you excited?! I am!



The Vaselines – "I Hate The 80's" – Sex With An X


Sex With An X
comes out on September 14, 2010. It is not yet available for pre-order on Amazon, so keep a look out!

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