The Tender Box

The Tender Box

Monday, 30 October 2006

Band Name: The Tender Box
Homebase: Los Angeles
Interviewee in question: Lead guitarist, Ric Moon

1.) You guys have been around a lot longer than most bands, considering you’ve had no band member changes, you’re practically the Latino U2 of Los Angeles (minus the millions of dollars and fame). How did you manage to keep up all these years?

We hired that therapist/shrink dude Metallica hired, although we had to pay him with publishing and allow him to write song lyrics for us as well.

Actually, we’re not sure how we’ve managed to stay together this long. Perhaps it’s how much fun we have writing with one another. Either that or we’re secretly in love with each other and are waiting for the right moment to make our moves.

2.) A lot has been happening for you guys lately, briefly fill us in on what you got going on…

Well, after we invented ice cream and turned water into wine, we decided to record an album. A limited press will be available Feb 7th, [then] we start touring the US this year and end it off in the UK.

We’ve also been getting a lot of love from various radio stations like Indie 103.1 here in Los Angeles. It’s exciting times right now, feels a bit like the calm before the storm for us, to be honest.

3.) The influence of particular British bands on your sound is clear and you cut your teeth at local L.A. clubs like Café Bleu, however, it seems the sound is evolving to encompass other genres…could you elaborate on this?

We were a product of the 90s Britpop and shoegazer thing or whatever you’d like to call it. I think as of lately, we’ve been influenced by some great local Los Angeles bands like Ashbury and Dirty Little Secret.

4.) In an effort to keep our readers entertained, we encourage you to divulge any embarrassing moment of the past year at this juncture…please, please, please…

Shit, ok. There was a time when my pants were too tight for TV.

We were playing live on a TV show here in LA and apparently one of the camera men felt compelled or thought it would be hilarious to [shoot a] close-up on my crotch area and show the world my overly detailed manhood. Let’s just say I ended up giving those pants to my drummer after seeing the footage.

5.) Are you aware that your band’s name also seems like a rather dirty euphemism? I wasn’t, but someone told me.

Sexual euphemisms are the reason we get up in the morning, they rule.

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