The SWAG Report 95

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hey youse junkies youse,

How's tricks where you are junky? They can't be easy, yer lookin' pretty lean an' hungry. Me though? I'm doin' great — I keep movin' an' shakin' an' nobody ain' catchin' me, bitch! Like dis week, I nabbedja ova twenty-five pieces o' fine SWAG ta soothe yer jonesin'' annit ain't no lean offering! Fer instance, I grabbed da new Sharks single fo'ya; it's called "Arcane Effigies" an' word hazzit thit the BBC jus' added the song ta ther regular rotation, so ya know it's goin' somewhere. I'ssa great  tune too; i's got alla scruffy hard feelings thit made The Clash legendary in alla da right ways, all ova again but, rather than feelin' like da same ol' song an' dance, it jus' sounds fuckin' rockin'. Nab dat tune firs' ann'en keep readin'ere.

Nex' I gotcha ANOTHA great punk tune inna form o' "This Is Our Sound" by The Fake Boys. True ta ther name, ther ain't nothing complicated about The Fake Boys an' chances are ye've heard somethin' like 'em before junky — but they sound pretty fuckin' great, even if they are re-inventing the wheel. Again, it's messy in alla da right places an' it'll getcha feelin' like ya wanna break somethin' in alla da right ways, I promise.

Okay, I gotcha some otha flavors too, so le's talk about somethin' else.

On a more danceable (well, maybe) tip, I nabbedja a new tune by dis upcomin' band called White Jacket. I know whatcher thinkin, "White Jacket? That's pretty Eighties Donnie, nex' thing ya know, yer gonna be singin' da praises o' Warrant or some shit shit." Yeah, White Jacket's name is dumb, but ther music's somethin' else; they kinda soun' like The Beates when The Beatles wis droppin' acid, watchin'a walls melt an' fallin' in line wit' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; it's really cool! Get onnat shit if yer missin' some good ol' days, junky.

Oh what else've I got inn'ere? A whole EP by The Sexy Accident jus' waitin' fer you ta abscond widdit, two kick-ass new tunes by dis band called The Mighty Fine which live up ta da band's name, A new tune by dis group called Spirit Animal (they're not anywhere near as "hippy" as you'd think) an' a new song by a group called Summer Twins. When I saw that name, it made me laugh! I thought ta myself, "Okay sure, summer twins, but what're the rest? Jus' regular brothers an' sisters?" It sounded better in my head than in print. But who cares?! That lista stuff is really only da tip o' da iceberg junky, ther's tonnes more free SWAG dis week. So go geddit! Go forth an' pilfer awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

The Sharks – "Arcane Effigies"

Alex Winston – "Choice Notes"

Cairo Knife Fight – "The Origin Of Slaves"

Christopher Paul Stelling – "Solar Flares"

Damon Moon – "Loose Ends"

Damon Moon – "Lungs, Dirt And Dreams"

Dan London – "Little Bit About Me"

Diplo – "Bird Is The Word"

Diplo – "Express Yourself"

Dirty Ghost – "Shout It In"

Dirty Ghost – "Ropes That Way (Mikey Young mix)"

Ducky – "Overdose"

Greg Laswell – "Come Back Down"

Korallreven – "Sa Sa Samoa"

Marriages – "Ten Tiny Fingers"

Men – "Next"

Rusko – "Somebody To Love (Skream mix)"

S Carey – "In The Dirt"

S Carey – "In The Stream"

Sauna – "Wanting You"

Seun Kuti – "The Good Leaf (Spoek Mothambo mix)"

Spirit Animal – "Crocodile Skins"

Summer Twins – "I Don't Care"

The Fake Boys – "This Is Our Sound"

The Mighty Fine – "Paper Trails"

The Mighty Fine – "To Indiana"

The Sexy Accident – You're Not Alone EP

Tu Fawning – "Bones"

White Jacket – "The Modern"

Yukon Blonde – "Stairway"

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