The SWAG Report 88

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hey Junky!

Awright, so I figured on awready bein' gone south fer a vacay, but I hadda swing through ta give ya somethin' ta listen to fer new year's didn' I? 'At's da kinda guy I am – soakin' up the rays, watchin' alla sun-soaked titties I kin handle, an' I'm thinkin' o' you. So here goes – I nabbed some ol' school Ben Folds songs an' demos fo' ya, Ann'is really, really killa tune by Cheyenne Marie Mize fer starters. Ya hafta love Ben Folds, but check out the demo version o' "Song For The Dumped" I foun'! I tell ya what, if it had been onna reckid like dis, ain' no way it woulda eva been a single! It's good though! Anyway ther's'at, ann'en I also nabbed some pretty sweet tunes from Lake Forest, Tallahassee an' The Jealous Guys fer yer samplin' pleasure, an' some full EPs by Among Savages First Serve an' Skeam Benga! I gotta little bitta everything 'ere junky, so grab it fast an' enjoy da las' days o' the year!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Alan Wilkis – "Come And Go"

Among Savages – Start At The Beginning EP

Ben Folds – "Dr. Yang (Live in Belgium, 2008)"

Ben Folds – "Narcolepsy (Live in Belgium, 1999)"

Ben Folds – "Song For The Dumped (Demo, 1994)"

Ben Folds – "Steven's Last Night In Town (Demo, 1994)"

Ben Folds Five – "Underground (Demo, 1992)"

Cheyenne Marie Mize – "Wishing Well"

CHLLNGR – "Change"

First Serve – The Goon Time (Mixtape)

Holy State – "Lady Magika"

Jes Hudak – "Wasted (Quickie Mart mix, Clean version)"

Jes Hudak – "Wasted (Quickie Mart mix)"

Lake Forest – "Autumn Skies"

Radical Face – "O Christmas Tree"

Skream Benga – Scion A/V EP

Shad – Besides

Tallahassee – "Swimming Song"

The Jealous Guys – "Life"

The Lulls In Traffic – "Silver Bells Are Ringing Only Grey"

The Mowglis – "San Francisco"

With Lions – "Touch The Sound (FUGO mix)"

Yukon Blonde – "Choices"

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