The SWAG Report 83

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hey Junky,

Alright, I gotta tell you – dis holiday gift-givin' season's startin' ta look great! Da music bizness is jus' pourin' onna extra reckids fer sale an' ya know what dat means: mo'stuff ta grab as I'm trippin' through da interwebs lookin' fer more SWAG ta unload on you! I figure it's fair, it jus' keeps fallin' offa digital trucks or somethin', I'd swear ta that onna stack o' bibles!

This week I nabbed a little more o' da tip o' the iceberg. Firs', I dunno if ya knew dis, but those punks in Lagwagon're putting a buncha ther reckids out again, an' I nabbed a coupla songs offa dat action first. Each o' da songs sounds as good's it eva did, annat's pretty fuckin' good! I got a song each from Let's Talk About Feelings (those pansies), Double Platinum, Hoss, Trashed an' Duh, an' putt'em all inn'ere so's ya c'n see what pop punk use'ta soun' like before it went an' got (more) ironic. Start there an' then come back 'ere an' keep readin'.

Ya dunnit? Good!

'Kay, I also swiped a kick-ass tune from d'ose backwoods crackas in Old Wives' Tale, an' it was almost hard ta liberate – this new song “Mommadevil” is good enough ta pay for junky! It's gotta bitta backwood anna bitta anger innit, but a helluva lotta hellfire too. This izza kinda stuff yer momma warnedja about, 'at's fer sure, junky.

What else?

Oh – I brought a return visit from Hella back fer you junkies in case ya missed when'ey appeared in my SWAG Report before. These songs're great if ya ain't awready got 'em. One o' the big prize boosts'is week is a whole EP from Ken Tizzard – he ditched da resta those Watchmen pansies a while back an' it was a good thing; onnis own, he's doin' betta than'e eva did wit'em ann'is time, he's bein' backed by a band called Bad Intent! Dis shit lives upta it's name junky, it's a little dark, a little pissed offan all good.

I also nabbed another tune from Boots Electric an' put it innere, along wit' one from'et crazy bastid Al Tuck an' not one an' not two, but THREE tunes from Boris (nah, not'at pimp over onna lower East Side, the musician) fo' ya ta take a taste of too. It's all primo dope junky, ann'ere's lots more too! So go gettit!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

65DaysOfStatic – "Crash Tactics"

Al Tuck – "Slapping The Make On You"

And So I Watch From Afar – "Beautiful Universe Master Champion"

Boots Electric – "I Love You All The Thyme"

Boris – "Flare"

Boris – "Hope"

Boris – "Riot Sugar"

Gypsyblood – "My RKO Is MIA"

Hella – "Headless"

Hella – "Self-Checkout"

Hella – "Yubacore"

Jeniferever – "Dover"

Jeniferever – "Waifs & Strays"

Ken Tizzard with Bad Intent – The Goodness Of Bad Intent EP

Lagwagon – "Alien 8"

Lagwagon – "Angry Days"

Lagwagon – "Island Of Shame"

Lagwagon – "May 16"

Lagwagon – "Violins"

Laura Gibson – "La Grande"

Old Wives' Tale – "Mommadevil"

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