The SWAG Report 80

Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Merry Christmas Junkie!

Oh wait – i'ssnot Christmas yet, izzit? Naw, it jus' feels'at way cuz, now dat Halloween's ova, dat's where da music bizness is lookin' next. An' I already got a coupla Christmas songs'at I found'is week! Kin you believe it? Ah well, it's weird, but all'at means izza world is gonna tip a little on its axis, anna buncha extra stuff is gonna start fallin' offa trucks. Yessir, it's comin' up onna most wonderful time o' da year, ya hump, an' inna spirit o' the comin' season, I gotta buncha fresh stuff right 'ere fo'ya. Check it out:

I nabbed'a new Amanda Palmer tune fo'ya offa her website. Pay whatchu want? I got it here fo' free. Annit's good too – she calls it a ukelele anthem an' she's right. Dis new tune is right on par wit' the best from da Burning Hell. Go geddit.

I also swiped'a new Cloud Nothing tune. I dunno if dese guys are goin' anywhere, but dey should cuzz'is tune's great! It's sorta poppy an' sorta dreamy, but all fuckin' great.Same wit' da tune I lifted from my Great Aunt Ida. Okay, she's not actually my great aunt, but I'd, uh, like to recommend dis song to ya — it's good, good shit.

I also got my hands onna newest stuff from Lionize, Malkovich Music, new Old Wives Tale (not ain't'at clever) anna bunch new Christmas songs fo' ya too. All'em are friggin' great, butt'at's only da tip o' de iceberg junkie! I got more – lots more – ann'ere all jus' waitin' ta fix ya. So go pilfer yer weaselly black guts out awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Amanda Palmer – "Ukelele Anthem"

Amy Kuney – "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"

Carnivores – "Prom Night"

CFCF – "Night Bus II"

Cloud Nothing – "No Future No Past"

Company Of Thieves – "Won't Go Quietly"

Great Aunt Ida – "Romance"

Harrison Hudson – American Thunder

Jenn Mierau – "Told You (Toof mix)"

Kim Boekbinder –
The Impossible Girl

Lionize – "Superczar"

Malkovich Music – "What I Know"

Various Artists –
Mom + Pop mixtape

Mood Rings – "Promise Me Eternity"

Old Wives Tale – "Momma Evil"

Parenthetical Girls – "Under The Ivy"

Piney Gir – "Christmas Time"

Remember Remember – "John Candy (radio edit)"

Rene Lopez – "ELS"

Scout – "Please Excuse Me"

The Lower 48 – "The End"

Thee Oh Sees – "The Dream"

Various Artists –
For The Holidays Vol. 4

Way Yes – "Tia"

Writers Strike – "Stay Down"

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