The SWAG Report 79

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Awrightcha mugs,

Good ta see ya. In fact, i's great ta see ya – I ben cooped up in my apartment fer days, layin' low (long story). Anyways, da beauty o' bein' stuck at home izzat I got ta shake as many tunes outta da inta-tree as possible. I got some good ones fo'ya too junky, check t out:

I nabbed'a first new song from Bass Drum Of Death ta come out since dey put out ther dig deal album earlier dis year. It's more o' da same, but dat's good enough! Da rock is solid 'ere.

I also nabbed a new tune from The Spits, 'is time wit'out alla coke they had when las' they appeared wit' NOFX. 'At's more o' da same too, but i's still worth a shake, ya know?

Other than'at, I snagged new tunes from Loom an' Kurt Vile an' Hurricane Bells anna whole new album by The Darcys fo' ya ta sample an' get hooked on. I's all great shit junky, so dig in! Ya dig it?

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin Don Loder

Bass Drum Of Death – "I Dunno"

Big Pooh – "They Say"

Black Box Revelation – "Shiver Of Joy"

Black Light White Light – "The Militia"

Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – "Pretend"

Coldair – "Digging"

Coldair – "I Won't Stay Up"

Giraffage – "LUV"

Giraffage – "Moments"

Holy Ghost!! – "Hold My Breath (Cosmic Kids mix)"

Hurricane Bells – "House On Fire"

Jacaszek – "Dare Gale"

Jonathan Coulton – "Sucker Punch"

Julian Wass – "Red"

Kurt Vile – "The Creature"

Loom –
"For The Hooves That Gallop and The Heels That March"

Marine Dreams – "Fold The Sky"

Mutiny Mutiny – "The Damage Is Done"

Papertwin – "Coma"

Papertwin – "Sleeptalk"

Remember Remember – "John Candy (radio edit)"

Sapphire Slows – "Spin Lights Over You"

Shunda K – "It's Time To Get Paid (Dickey Doo mix)"

Sophie Hunger – "The Boat Is Full"

Stepkids – "Legend In My Own Mind"

Stepkids – "Shadows On Behalf"

The Darcys – self-titled LP

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – "Following (single version)"

The Spits – "My Life Sucks"

Thee Cormans – "Open The Gates"

Through And Through Gospel Revue – "I Firmly Believe"

Through And Through Gospel Revue – "Please St. Peter"

Two Dark Birds – "Black Blessed Night"

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