The SWAG Report 78

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Heya junkie,

So how ya feelin' tahday alla youse sickos? I know I wis a little late'is week gettin' to ya, but I jus' figure that reminds ya who's holdin' da reigns innis relationship. Don't fret too hard though, cause I ain't gonna hold out on ya – this week, along wit' da usuall list o' single tracks, I also nabbed a coupla full albums fer you ta sink yer veins inta, an' it's all good bitch!

Fer example, I nabbed'a full length album by dis kid T. Mills. He's a short sprout – jus' a kid really – but his rhymes an' rhythm go way past'is years; he kin make a party anthem an' he kin boast, but he's got da chops ta back it up. Check this kid out so's ya can say ya knew about him before he wis anything.

Ta celebrate da big music festival thits happenin' down inna city, 'at CMJ thing, I also lifted a buncha songs by tha artists playin'is year, threw 'em all tagether inna mixtape an' tossed it inn'ere too.

I also snagged-is reckid by a band thit calls'emselves Golden Glow. Now, before ya dive inta that one, listen ta ol' Donnie – that's a weird, potent strain man. It'll getcha hooked onna firs' shot, so make sure yer careful wit' it, otherwise yer gonna be back 'ere every week shakin' fer another fix. Oh wait – yer already hooked, ain'tcha junkie? Well then take that shit in an' love it good!

Then o' course, I gotcher single songs'ere, ann'ey're pretty fuckin' tight too. I nabbed'at firs' single from the Timebomb show dat Tim from Rancid is doin', an' I got it fo' ya right'ere! 'Is one's bein' sung by Lars Frederiksen an' sounds a little like somethin' outta a Broadway production o' Annie, but it's still pretty fuckin' cool! Check that shit out right away! Ya might like it, ya might hate it, butcha gotta hear it firs' ta know fur shoor – ya know?

'At shit's all well an' good an' all, but da pick o' da litter dis week izzis tune I foun' by a band called Forbidden Dimension ann'it's called "Chokin' On A Heartache." Now, it ain't quite like tryin' ta putcher arms aroun' a memory or nothin', but this is a pretty fuckin' great song. Start 'ere ann'en start in on everything else.

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

A Lull – Weapons For War (full EP download)

As I Lay Dying – "Paralyzed"

Ashtar Command – "Save Me"

Ben Lear – "Scuba Lessons"

Various Artists – CMJ 2011 mixtape

David Mead – 25 Songs (compilation)

Fonda – "Better Days"

Forbidden Dimension – "Chokin' On A Heartache"

Golden Glow – Tender Is The Night (full album download)

Jealov – Translations (full EP download)

Kathryn Calder – "Who Are You"

Keaton Henson – "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are"

Kramies – "Coal Miners Executive Club"

Lars Frederiksen – "We Did Alright"

Little Red – "Get A Life"

Preston Lovinggood – "Duncan"

Revolution, I Love You – "Graceful Steps"

Sick Jacken and Slaine – "Slained Sick"

T. Mills – Leaving Home (full album download)

The Green Seed – "Crack Kills"

The Grenadines – "Shake"

The Trophy Fire – "Modern Hearts"

The Trophy Fire – "Tired Eyes"

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