The SWAG Report 76

Thursday, 06 October 2011

Awrightcha mooks,

So here we go, everybody's back an' we're movin' now. I guess fi' dollar Billy hadda good time gettin' hitched, but I almos' didn' make it back – las' time I got a SWAG Report done, I was onna move cuz, I did somethin' dumb an' almos' got caught fer it. No worries now though, ain't nobody catches Don Loder unaware, an' now I'm back ta spreein' as usual.

So dis week, in celebration o' not gettin' caught, I rambled around an' foun' some pretty killa gear fo' ya, includin' some stuff I didn' expect ta see – like 'is new tune from David Lynch. Ya always hafta wonda about Hollywood types who think it mus' be so easy ta get inta music (Keanu Reeves did it fer a little while assa bassist in Dog Star which was funny, an' Scarlett Johanssen did'at album o' Tom Waits covers which was jus' sad)  but this song is actually pretty good – sorta like a dark an' dozy carny nightmare or somethin'. Anybody who likes weird shit will like 'at. Same goes fo' the new Cobra Skulls tune I nabbed'ere; check that out an' you'll see that this band is shapin' up ta be the nex' great punk band – no doubt about it. Those're da picks o' da litta, but there's a buncha otha great stuff innere too – so go check it and pilfer yer weaselly black guts out junkie!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

A Band Of Bees – "I Really Need Love"

A Band Of Bees – "Winter Rose"

And So I Watch From Afar – "Beautiful Universe Master Champion"

And So I Watch From Afar – "Search:Party:Animal"

Bad Vibrations – "What Now"

Big Tree – "Seattle Bound"

Big Tree – "This Fall"

Cobra Skulls – "Salastalgia"

Daisy McCrackin – "I Think I'm A Ghost"

David Lynch – "Crazy Clown Time"

Goldmund – "Shenandoah"

Hello Electric – "Hook"

Jonquil – "Mexico"

Jonquil – "Serious Lover"

Lanterns On The Lake – "Keep On Trying"

Lyonnais – "The Fatalist"

Nerves Junior – "As Bright As Your Nightlight"

Radiation City – "City Park"

Radiation City – "The Color Of Industry"

Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics

Through And Through Gospel Revue – "I Firmly Believe"

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin (Deluxe Edition)

Young Nigga – "Gucci Mane"

Yuck – "The Wall"

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