The SWAG Report 75

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hey Junky,

Awright, I can't make dis long – since ol' fi' dollar Billy went onn'is honeymoon, I ben trying ta keep myself occupied an' – how wid'e say it? – "pursue other avenues." Anyway, I'm a little slower than usual when it comes ta bein' onna run, so I gotta make dis quick. I nabbed a coupla primo songs fo'ya, n' I wis gonna throw 'em inna full-lentgh SWAG Report, but I ain't got time so dis is gonna hafta do. Lucky fer youse, the da tunes're worth a shake.

Along wit' some otha things, I grabbed some new Groove Armada fer you clubbin' freaks an' it's prolly ther bes' in about ten years; solid, solid tune fer sure. 'At's innere, an' so're two new ones from The Mekons, St. Vincent an' Ankit Love – those're my "grab 'em foist" picks cuz ther fuckin' great, but ther's a few more 'ere too that deserve attention so check 'em out too.

Oh shit – gotta run, I'll talk ta ya soon. Don' take no wooden nickels or hot doses junky!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Ace – "Forever Boy"

Ankit Love – "Mental Revolution"

Cuckoo Chaos – "Jamb Song"

Gregory Scott Slay – "Keep It Secret"

Groove Armada – "Shameless"

Jesse Payne – "Take Me"

The Mekons – "Geeshie"

The Mekons – "Space In Your Face"

Reversing Falls – "Is This Thing On?"

Soley – "I'll Drown"

St. Vincent – "Surgeon"

Teen Daze – "The Harvest"

Way Yes – "Automail"

Yukon Blonde
– "Fire"

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