The SWAG Report 74

Friday, 09 September 2011

Oh, before I go,

I always thought it was kind of weird how, when folks get married, there's all this gift-giving, but those who couldn't make the party don't get anything. That doesn't seem right to me, so I've commandeered the SWAG Report again to offer you fine readers a little celebratory wedding gift: a bunch of free music! Not only that, but it's a pretty sweet deal too; you're getting some fine new Americana, some other bits and pieces and a ton of songs from one of the most celebratory homegrown bands and every Canadian knows, Sloan! So enjoy this gift from me to you during my wedding festivities!

Talk to you soon,

Apache Relay – "Lost Kid"

Barnstormer – "Thunder Clatter"

Ben Sollee – "Hurting"

Caitlin Rose – "Shanghai Cigarettes"

Class Actress – "Weekend"

Grace Potter – "One Short Night"

Humming House – "Gypsy Django"

Jason Isbell – "Alabama Pines"

Jonny Corndawg – "Chevy Beretta"

Justin Townes Earle – "Harlem River Blues"

Los Campesinos – "By Your Hand"

Luke Temple – "More Than Muscle"

Lydia Loveless – "Can't Change Me"

Pujol – "Mayday"

Rich Robinson – "Gone Away"

Sloan – "Believe In Me"

Sloan – "Coax Me"

Sloan – "Everything You've Done Wrong"

Sloan – "If It Feels Good Do It"

Sloan – "Losing California"

Sloan – "Money City Maniacs"

Sloan – "The People Of The Sky"

Sloan – "The Good In Everyone"

Sloan – "The Lines You Amend"

Sloan – "The Other Man"

Sloan – "The Rest Of My Life"

Sloan – "Underwhelmed"

Sloan – "Unkind (Radio Edit)"

Sloan – "Who Taught You To Live Like That"

Sufjan Stevens – "Down In The Yards (Rubblebucket mix)"

The Bridges – "Nice And Easy"

The Low Anthem – "Boeing 737"

Those Darlins – "Screws Get Loose"

Tristen – "Heart And Hope To Die"

Will Hoge – "Your Fool"

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