The SWAG Report 73

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Hey junkie,

I know I say dis a bunch but, wow, are you a lucky little buncha punks'is week. I nabbedja some pure, white hot-an'-addictive gold! Ann'it ain't no small amount neither! I nabbed new tunes from Asa, Chuck Ragan an' Cuff The Duke fer starters, ann'at ain't all bitch!

As Im' sure y'ev heard, Wilco's gotta new reckid comin' out this month annis time, the band has gone old school: it's gonna be released onn'eir own label called dbpm an' distributed by Epitaph. So far, the band's done somethin' wit' two songs from the reckid an' I got the second one right'ere! Annis time, the band has really kept up the old school vibes cuzz'is new song sounds like it coulda come offa A.M. – there ain't no depression here. Same kinda thing wit' the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tune I got; it's kinda dirge-y but as hypnotic as a tabba fine acid. I nabbed'a new Mary Lou Lord tune too – ann'it's her best in years! She's got this kinda scruffy, rock soul thing goin' on wit' this tune, an' it fits'er jus' right. I five-finga'd some new Kurt Vile, Gold Beach, Teenage X an' Wavves too – ann'ere all fuckin' awesome! From scruffy shit ta poppy shit ta punky shit ta rocky shit, I done right by you junkies'is week, so go geddit awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Asa – “Dreamer Girl”

Bill Bourne –

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Shadow On The Run”

Carter Tantom – “Horrorscope”

Chuck Ragan – “You Get What You Give”

Cuff The Duke – “Standing On The Edge”

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Chichikov”

Gold Beach – “Diving Bell”

Gold Beach – “Gold Beach”

Hard Mix – “Upkeep”

Jesse Dee & Jacquie B – Our Ghosts

Jon McKiel – “Strands”

Kurt Vile – “The Creature”

Light FM – “Mercy”

Mary Lou Lord – “She's Still Bewitching Me”

Nerves Junior – “As Bright As Your Night Light”

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Sleep Dealer”

Princess Chelsea – “The Cigarette Duet”

Steel Phantoms – “Bedouin”

Teenage X – “Boom”

Teenage X – “Fast Machine”

Teenage X – “The Signal”

The Reveling – “Chasing My Tail”

Torkelson – “Simple”

Wavves – “Nodding Off”

Wilco – “Born Alone”

Wiretree – “Make Up”

Wiretree – “tinyhearts”

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