The SWAG Report 72

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Awright junky,

So I'm gonna break da news a little early an' steal a little bit o' ol' fi' dollar Billy's thunder. I gotta email from 'im the otha day sayin' that he's gettin' married inna coupla weeks. First, I wanna say congratulations to 'im an', second, I gotta know what he doused her with – after all, bein' a music pusher like me is one thing, but no girl in her right mind marries a writer. But good lick to 'em; inna meantime, I dunno what I'm gonna do while 'ey're on 'ey're honeymoon, mebbe tak the time ta getta buncha SWAG together fer you junkies, or maybe do some other wheelin' an' dealin' – we'll see.

Anyway, onta other bizness. My little bag o' treats fer you junkies'is week ain't as big as it usually is (hadda run through – ya know how it is), I got some good shit innere. I nabbed the new Hella song fo'ya an' it's innere, anna new Mates Of State remix, but some o' da new bands' songs I nabbed are even betta. Like, I grabbed two new tunes by dis band called Dominant Legs, an'ere friggin' awesome! It's like a little disco, a little rock anna little hardcore all at once! It's friggin' great! Check that shit out right away, an' be da first.

There's otha greatness ta be found 'ere – while da list is short, it's pretty sweet. So go git some awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Adrian Glynn – "Blue Belle Lament"

Amy Kuney –
"Where I Can't Follow"

Canon Blue – "A Native"

Canon Blue – "Indian Summer"

Caveman – "Easy Water"

Dominant Legs – "Hoop Of Love"

Dominant Legs – "Where We Trip The Light"

Dreamers of the Ghetto – "Tether"

Hella – "Self Checkout"

Magicks – "Angry Tiger"

Mates Of State – "Sway (Diamond Rings mix)"

Old Wives Tale – "Josephine"

Paranoid Castle – "You Don't Understand"

Rob Crow – "Scalped"

Rob Crow – "Sophistructure"

Sea Pink – "Fountain Tesserae"

Summer Camp – "I Want You"

The Drift – "Horizon"

The New No. 2 – "Live A Lie"

Total Babes – "Without Your Heart"

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