The SWAG Report 67

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hey junky,

How's yer arms, ya misanthropes? Itchin' yet? Well, I got some stuff right 'ere at'll cure what ails ya. This week, we be goin' hard inta some artists, cause ya know what? It's my column annat's what I say's gonna happen. I foun' some complete works ta put in yer works'is week. 'At's right, in addition ta the single songs I was able ta lift from da fi' points o' da interwebs, I also nabbed a coupla full albums too, ann'ey're pretty good ta boot.

Fer example, 'is week I foun'da new reckid from The Dirty Guv'nahs. Innis case, all ya need ta know is right'ere inna name o' da band; ther a little scruffy an' a little southern fried, an' all balls. Go getcer freak on wit' 'atshit ann'en come back an' see what else I got 'ere.

I also nabbed a samplin' o'wares from another chicken-fried guy, but'is one's a folkie name o' JD Souther. Again, his name's all ya need ta know; JD pretty much spells redneck, an' 'Souther'? He sure soun's like 'e's from the south, 'at's fer sure.

Ther's a coupla other sampler sets I nabbed like 'at an' you can check those out on yer own, but ya hafta check out the standid issue single songs too 'cuz I got some beauts. I nabbed da new Kooks tune fo' ya 'at's comin' out on ther new reckid Junk Of The Heart on September 12, I nabbed'a single single from Chiddy Bang which ian't comin' out until ther debut full-length reckid hits at da end o' da summa, anna new tune by dis band called The Blind Shake who, if ya dunno who dey is awready, yer gonna wan'to.

Of course, I'm only talkin' 'bout a coupla da things I lifted – as usual – but I got lots more! So go check 'em out an' pilfer yer weaselly black guts out awready, an' don' say I never gave ya nothin'!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

The Blind Willies – "Soon My Work Will Be Over"

Brandi Carlile – a sampler album

Chiddy Bang – "Mind Your Manners"

Dog Day – "Part Girl"

Girls – "Vomit"

Hell Of High Water – "Gimme Love"

Her Space Holiday – "Ghost In The Garden"

Her Space Holiday – "Japanese Gum (acoustic version)"

JD Souther – a sampler album

Leagues – self-titled EP

Little Horn – "Bridges Break"

Little Horn – "Thief"

M83 – "Midnight City"

O.A.R. – "Heaven"

Paul Brill – "Sunny Guy"

Right On Dynamite – "Duck"

Step Kids – "Shadows On Behalf"

The Blind Shake – "Hurracan"

The Dirty Guv'nahs – Youth Is In Our Blood – full album

The Features – "Content"

The Horrors – "Moving Further Away"

The Kooks – "Junk Of The Heart"

The Rapture – "How Deep Is Your Love"

Vaz – "Blockade"

Wax Museums – "Sunburn"

Wax Museums – "Tungsta"

Wooden Birds – a sampler album

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