The SWAG Report 62

Thursday, 23 June 2011

'Ey youse,

Awright, so, this week, we're gonna go whole hog on gettin' ya some free SWAG cuz half the world ain't workin'. I dunno if ya heard, but there's a mail strike goin' on in Canada, annat means'at ol' fi'dollar Billy's real good an' crabby cause nothin's movin' annat makes it awful fuckin' hard ta get stuff done innis bizness. It ain't a problem here inna good ol' U.S of A but, when yer boss is in a different country, it can suck. He's crabby, so I stepped up my sticky fingers'is week an' gotcha not ten, not twenty, not thirty, but forty tunes from all ova da musical map; I figger, if it ain't gonna be easy fer him ta get stuff done, I c'n at least help out by raidin' everything I can. No mail needed ta liberate some music fer da masses, an' I got some primo fuckin' SWAG too!

Firs' an' foremos', let's get ta the bes' first. I gotcha the newest tune from ol' Jesse “The Devil” Hughes! Didja know he's gotta solo reckid comin' out? I love that little speed freak, annis new tune I got is great; doesn' soun' like anything he's done before – it's all electronic an' shit – but it's still really fuckin' good. Grab that shit from 'ere first bitch!

Nex'up, I gotcha a new song by da secon'best band ta need three frontmen, The Mekons. S'been about four years since da las' time Jon Langford an' his posse put out a reckid so I dunno how good it's gonna be, but this firs' track is solid as a rock an' definitely got me ready fer a new album – grabb'at shit too.

Oh what else? Oh right! I got my filthy hands onna new Apparat an' raided the cupboards an' grabbed some Badly Drawn Boy that was left onna shelf, swiped the new Gang Gang Dance remix'at Lee “Scratch” Perry did (how izzis guy still alive? Who cares – the music's still fuckin' good!), new (ta you) Joel Plaskett, new Marianne Faithful, Charlatans UK an' Nurses – all while they wasn't lookin'! Not only that but, I got a buncha other stuff from a buncha different freaks, geeks, drunks an' junkies, an' I'm givin' it all ta ya fer free! So take it bitch! Take every inch!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Anathema – "Dreaming Light"

Anna Atkinson – "Old Man Song"

Apparat – "Black Water"

Art Brut – "Unprofessional Wrestling"

Asher Roth – "Summertime"

Audio Bullys – "Only Man"

Badly Drawn Boy – "This Electric"

Boots Electric – "Boots Electric Theme"

Brendan Perry – "Utopia"

Christopher Paul Stelling – "Flawless Executioner"

Company Of Thieves – "Modern Waste"

CSS – "Hits Me Like A Rock"

Dan Godlin – "Unsure"

Daniel Isaiah – "High Twilight"

David Francey – "Yesterday's News"

The Descendents –

Fatality – "Victims Of The Dead"

Gang Gang Dance – "Mindkilla (Lee "Scratch" Perry mix)"

Gang Gang Dance – "Mindkilla"

Glenn Jones – "On The Massachusetts-Virginia Border"

Gold Panda – "MPB"

Guano Apes – "Oh What A Night"

Halloween, Alaska – "Dance By Accident"

James Maddock – "Beautiful Now"

Joel Plaskett – "When I Go"

Marianne Faithful – "Why Did We Have To Part"

Mark Davis – "Eliminate The Toxins"

Matthew Barber – "Ring Upon Your Ringer"

Mean Creek – "The Land Of Hopes & Dreams"

The Mekons – "Space In Your Face"

Milagres – "Here To Stay"

Morgan Cameron Ross – "Let It Go"

Nurses – "Fever Dreams"

Pure X – "Dry Ice"

Seun Kuti – "Rise"

Spirits Of The Dead – "The Great God Pan!"

Sweethead – "The Great Disruptors"

Swingin' Utters – "Kick It Over"

Tarja – "Underneath"

The Charlatans UK – "My Foolish Pride"

The Gift – "Made For You"

Too Late The Hero – "Wicked Self"

Widowspeak – "Harsh Realm"

Zee Avi – "The Book Of Morris Johnson"

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