The SWAG Report 53

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Awright youse,

We're gonna have lotsa funnis week but, first, we gotta bow're heads fer a minit. One of our own checked out'is week, an' we need ta have a moment o' silence fer Poly Styrene, who useta be da singa fer X-Ray Spex, but fell ta cancer this past Monday. She's survived by her step-father John Lydon and mother Nora Forster.

Bow yer heads fer a moment o' silence.

Awright, le's get ta business – we go work ta do don' we junky?

This week, in addition ta including a bit o' Poly's music (call it honor among thieves, or thieves know when ta honor ther own or somethin'), I came up wit' a fat bag o' SWAG ta lay on ya, an' it's the kinda shit 'at's habit formin' fer sure. First, I slipped a bit o' new music out from under Christina Aguilera, Laura Stevenson an' Kate Maki (at's some lucky music, believe me) a' threw it in 'ere for ya. It's two really different sides o' pop, but I think you'll like it. I also nabbed another three songs from Giant Sand for ya, cause that strain went ova gangbusters als' time I gotcha some.

Allat's great an' allat's good, but check this out bitch – I got the first new tune from the new SLOAN RECKID IN 'ERE! Didju know those crazy Canadians're celebratin' twenty years o' makin' music 'is year? Where does the time go? Anna new song's good too! This is gettin' excitin' – I wanna know what the resta the reckid sounds like!

An' I grapped a buncha other stuff that'll cure what ails ya too. I gotta tune by some fine new punks called Drive A in 'ere (ther new album's hittin' soon check thia track out!) new Man Man, a but o' new Oneida, NEW FUCKIN' SCREAMING FEMALES, some freshly liberated Death Set an' some bran' new They Might Be Giants for a peachy keen-o little cherry on top. Everything I got is good, but that shit's the cream o' the fuckin' crop 'is week! So go get it! Give yer tarnished, drug saturated skin a hit onnat junky, an' don't say I never gave ya nothin'!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-love uncle Don Loder.

Christina Aguilera – "Birds Of Prey (Reuben Wu, Ladytron mix)"

DATAROCK – "California (Ralph Myerz mix)"

Dennis Coffey – "Ubiquitous (Steinski mix)"

Drive A – "Revolt"

ElZhi – "Detroit State Of Mind"

Emilie Simon – "Ballad Of The Big Machine"

Giant Sand – "Bender"

Giant Sand – "Pathfinder"

Giant Sand – "Romance Of Falling"

Golden Glow – "Adore Me"

Into It. Over It – "Portland, OR"

Jessica 6 – "Prisoner Of Love"

Junk Science & Scptt Thorough – "You Could Have That"

Kate Maki – "Lose My Mind"

Laura Stevenson & The Cans – "The Healthy One"

Long Long Long – Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More? EP

Man Man – "Life Fantastic"

Miracle Fortress – "Raw Spectacle (Pantha du Prince mix)"

Mothers Of Gut – "Wizard Tree"

Oneida – "Horizon (edit)"

Outasight – "Life Or Something Like It"

Parts Of Speech – "Tasted Comfort"

Poly Styrene – "Black Christmas"

Reporter – "Skin Like Fire"

Sam Bradley – "Woman you Crazy"

Scarlet Season – "Horse Fury"

Screaming Females –

Self Scientific – Trials Of The Blackhearted EP

Sloan – "Follow The Leader"

Small Sur –
"The Woods"

Compact Disc

The Death Set –
"Anywhere Man (Easy Does It mix)"

The inevitable Backlash –
"Love Is like An Itching In My Heart"

The Oh Sees –
"I Need Seed"

They Might Be Giants –
"Can't Keep Johnny Down"

Tom de Geeter –
Speed Dial 7-11

Tony Castles –
"Dream Job"

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