The SWAG Report 52

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hey there junky,

Awright, firs' an' foremost, we gotta give the man his due – Happy Birthday Iggy Pop! On'is day in 1947, missus Louella Osterberg screamed out one o' the most enduring self-proclaimed idiots inna world, named 'im after his Daddy an' turned 'im loose onna world. We owe 'er a debt o' thanks! Here's to ya Ig, hope yer gettin' some tonight.

Anyway, onta business. I figure, jaw-bonin' about that's gotta be gettin' ya nervous, ain't it junky? Figure I'm holdin' out on ya? Yer damn right! I gotta fantastic bag o' SWAG 'ere, an' I know yer gonna wanna dig in ta getcher fix.

What've I got here? Well, if it ain't a whole buncha metal! 'At's right, I got my hands on a buncha tunes by acts like Accursed Spawn, Buzzov-en an' Cave-In, an' I'm “re-distributing” 'em all to ya – ya lucky punks! That oughtta quench'er more aggressive tendencies, ya miscreant!

Onna 'less aggressive' front, I nabbed new tunes for ya by Baby Baby, Calhoun, Jim Guthrie, Raccoon Bandits, an' The Sea And Cake fer yer listenenin' pleasure, so spike yer arm on 'em! Those ones I mentioned are my fav'rits, but there's a buncha other stuff in 'ere too – like I know Fi'dollar Billy will be all about'at new Daniel Romano tune I gotcha. 'At's right bitch! I'm sayin' it – if you can't find somethin' ya like in 'ere, ya gotta question if ya like music at all, ya dumbass.

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Accursed Spawn – "Date Rape Psychosis"

Acid House Kings – "Would You Say Stop (Invisible Twin Mix)"

Antisocial Music – "Bittersuite Fear"

Antisocial Music – "Fracture V"

Archspire – "Deathless Ringing"

Baby Baby – "Breakin'"

Buzzov-en – "Drying Out"

Calhoun – "Lioness"

Cave-in – "N.I.B."

Clouds – "Secret Potion"

Daniel Romano – "Time Forgot To Change My Heart"

Discordance Axis – "Oratorio In Grey"

Gridlink – "3 miles Below Sea Level"

Gridlink – "Orphan"

Helms Alee – "Elbow Grease"

Insurrection – "Fracture"

Jesu – "Annui"

Jill Barber – "Tell Me"

Jim Guthrie – "Lone Star"

JJ Ipsen and The Paper Crown – "Da Da Da"

Neurosis – "Prayer"

Oxbow – "Daughter Bent & Floating"

Pat Le Poidevin – "North"

Pink Frost – "The Sun"

Pyramids – "Monks (Justin Foley mix)"

Raccoon Bandit – "Silver Bullet"

Screens – "Pop Logic"

Screens – "Shudder"

Sebadoh – "Gimme Indie Rock"

Steve Dawson – "Walk On"

Strings Of Ares – "3 Seeds of Hate"

The Sea And Cake – "Up on the North Shore"

The Trews – "Hope Ruin"

Tony Sly – "The Shortest Pier"

Ugly Stick – "Holy Ghost"

Wretched Pain – "The Dawn Of Ambition"

Xyphos – "What Comes Next"

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