The SWAG Report 49

Thursday, 31 March 2011

How ya doin' ya little junkie so-an'-so you?

I'm feelin' pretty good about myself today, me. Other than artfully dodgin' the authorities on a coupla “business ventures” over da weekend, I still managed ta lift a fat bag o'SWAG for yer pleasure. Like I said las' week – wit' tourin' season startin' up an' lots o' bands packin' up ta get outta town, there's lots o' stuff gettin' left behind fer me ta pick up an' give to ya. A good example o' that izzat Mark Oliver Everett guy – he's takin' his Eels out onna road 'round the world this summer, but he dropped one song from each o' his band's las' three reckids an' left 'em bundled up in one EP. I picked that up an' threw it in 'ere, just 'cause he's one o' my favorite singers. I also nabbed an EP from that Euro-band Dag For Dag (who still has one o' the crummiest names in all o' rock n' roll – I'm sorry, but it's true) an' tossed it in 'ere; so I gotcha some Dag SWAG! Get it?

I crack me up.

Awright, what else did I lift? Yeah right! I nabbed a samplin' o' tunes from this little label called Mylene Sheathe. Now, I know what yer thinkin', “I heard that stuff before Donnie, an' you mus' be slippin' – all'at aggro-mathy shit's gonna mess ya up!” Yeah, yer prolly right, it prolly will. 'At's why I threw it in 'ere though; it'll make Fi' Dollar Billy twitch for a buncha reasons, annat works fer me. I also grabbed a kick-ass tune by dis punky-kinda-band called Skull Defekts, the new Bobby an' Blaqstarr tunes, an' a new song from Howe Gelb! You might not know dis (why wouldja?), by I got a sneer-ious love o' folk in me, annis new Howe Gelb song just hits the spot! Check it out fer yerself ya mook – ya don' need ta hear me jaw-bonin' about all'is do ya? Go pilfer yer weaselly black guts out awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Actors & Actresses – "I'll Turn You Blue"

Angel Eyes – "Midwestern In"

Beware Of Safety – "Cut Into Stars"

Blaqstarr – "War Of Roses (featuring Talib Kwelli)"

Bobby – "Groggy"

CALLmeKat – "My Sea"

Caspian – "Malacoda"

Dag For Dag – Releases EP

DATAROCK – "California (Souldrop mix)"

d'Eon – "Transparency"

Eels – Trilogy EP

Eksi Ekso – "Kills Of The Flood Time"

Giants – "With Chakotay At The Helm"

Gifts From Enola – "Alagoas"

Herra Terra – "Organs For The Afterlife"

Howe Gelb – "4 Door Maverick"

Jason Forrest – "Raunchy"

Junius – "Letters From Saint Angelica"

Lavinia – "Destroy Yourself"

Readnex Poetry Squad – "Revolution"

S.C.U.M. – "Summon The Sound"

Shenandoah and the Night – "These Arms"

Sons & Daughters – "Silver Spell"

The Clutters – "Under Suspicion"

The Fervor – "Let's Get Loaded"

The Rosebuds – "Second Bird Of Paradise"

The Skull Defekts – "Fragrant Nimbus"

Vanity Theft – "Rattle Rattle"

W-H-I-T-E – "Fountain"

Zomes –

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