The SWAG Report 47

Friday, 18 March 2011

Hey there all you fine, upstandin' people,

Sorry I'm a day late, but I hadda see a guy about a thing – ya know how it is. I may be a day late, but ain't comin' up short for ya, that's fo' sho' – innis issue o' da SWAG Report, I gotcha forty-six tracks o' da finest dope ya ever heard, an' even if ya dunno alla the artists that made it, trust me – ya should getcherself acquainted because some o' this is gonna be a concern very, very soon.

Take a listen ta da tune I got 'ere from Boats fer example. Dis band's been makin' music fer at least five years already, but Killrockstars just picked 'em up an' they got a new album comin'. This tune izza first shot from that an' the band ain't changed one bit, but ther ain't no doubt that Boats're gonna break out this year – the time's just right for 'em. Check it out an' you'll see what I mean.

I also managed ta lift a new song from those Quebecin' Canuckers, MSTRKRFT. Now, this band (or, more specifically, the members of it) has been doin' a whole lotta biz makin' dance-y punk-y stuff fer years (remember Death From Above 1979?), but they gotta new head o' steam an' it shows here. When'is reckid drops, it's gonna be huge! Take a swipe o' this first track an' you'll see it too.

An' oh yeah! I swiped new songs from Young Widows an' The Kills too! Ya already know yer gonna love this shit 'cuz you've tasted it before, but both o' dese bands done 'emselves proud again. Alla dis shit is great, so getcher sticky fingers pickin' junky!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Agoria – "Kiss My Soul (edit)"

Alela Diane – "To Begin"

Alyson Greenfield – "Gangsta's Paradise"

Austra – "Lose It"

Black And Reds – "Witching Hour"

Boats – "TV Scientist"

Bosco Delrey – "Flight Dub"

California Wives – "Tokyo"

Cornershop – "Supercomputer (Old Time Machine version)"

D. Charles Speer – "Markoss Cave"

Diamond Rings – "Something Else"

DOM – "Living In America"

Eatliz – "Lose This Child"

Eatliz – "Sunshine"

Eksi Ekso – "Bellows To Brass Lens"

Eksi Ekso – "Carte De Visite"

Eksi Ekso – "Kills Of The Flood Tide"

Electra – "Radio On"

Eleventh Dream Day – "Satellite"

Eternal Tapestry – "Galactic Derelict"

German Error Message – "We Arose"

Junior Boys – "ep"

Kurt Vile – "Jesus Fever"

Mathew Sawyer – "Myna Bird Calls"

Mathew Sawyer – "Revenge Of The Extra from Zulu"

Mi Ami – "Dolphins (Ital mix)"

Mi Ami – "Hard Up"

MSTRKRFT – "Beards Again"

Murs – Mursworld 2011 Winter/Spring Sampler 2011

Outasight – "It's Like That"

Planning To Rock – "Doorway"

Revolver – "Parallel Lives"

Seapony – "Dreaming"

Storms – "Foxes (Hamacide mix)"

Storms – "Sweet Cup"

Storms – "Wolves And Bells"

Thao & Mirah –

The Aikiu – "The Magician (Precious Eighties Dub)"

The Gift – "Made For You"

The Have-Nots – "Louisville Slugger"

The Kills – "DNA"

The Thermals – "Not Like Any Other Feeling"

Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks

Young Galaxy – We Have Everything EP

Young Widows – "Rose Window"

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