The SWAG Report 46

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Congratulations junky, I didn't know you was gettin' married!

Oh whazzat? Yer not? Christ on a rubber crutch, yed think you were wit' the primo bag o' gifts I got 'ere. This week has been great so far, an' lemme tell ya why…

First, I gotcher new Urge Overkill tune, "Effigy." C'n you fuckin' believe it?! They got a new reckid comin' out this year! Their first in somethin' like fifteen! An' trust me – if the whole reckid is as good as 'is first song, we might have a fuckin' alt-rock renaissance on our hands! This one song is betta than anything off Exit The Dragon, hands down, an' if the rest of the reckid izzis good, the band's gonna be bringin' a serious concern. They might be a little older an' a little grayer, but UO ain't lost a step – no sir. check this shit out first – check it out right now – an 'en pour yerself a martini an' come back an' talk ta me,

Next, I gotcher new tune by The Raveonettes. I know whatcher thinkin', yer thinkin', "What? Them twee pansies from Europe or some shit?" Yeah – ther twee an' cutesy, but they write a pop tune that'll stop yer itchin' annat is what this one'll do. This tune is The Raveonettes the way ther fans like 'em – a little rock an' a whole lotta cute. Don' believe me? Check out "Forget That You're Young" for yourself.

What else have I got 'ere? 'Ere's 'is new band called Surf City 'attis anything but pretty, but they got ther shit together. I boosted two songs from 'em an' put 'em in 'ere. That shit's worth a shake an' so's the tune I nabbed from this band called Set Your Goals – ya wanna rock out wit'cher cock out? That band will cure what ails ya, junky.

Oh shit! I almos' fuckin' forgot! I scored a tune from the new Meat Puppets reckid that's comin' out next month! Fuck me runnin' junky, don't pass that shit up! It's primo, late-breakin' Pups kid, on par wit' anything from Too High To Die an' Sewn Together, fuhgetaboutit! I say this one's the pick o' the SWAG this week, but you kin decide for yerself.

I ain't tryin' ta sell nobody short though, the Pups is great, but so's the tar I swiped from Make Do And Mend, Hostage Calm, Family Of The Year an' Eisley, an' 'at's only the tip offit. I'm gonna leave somethin' out, so I'm gonna shut up an' just tell ya ta start pickin' through junky, yer gonna find somethin' that'll stop yer itchin' 'ere, I guarantee it!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer uncle Don Loder.

Afrobeta –

Bikini – "American Mourning (Win Win mix)"

Bird Of Youth – "Bombs Away, She Is Here To Stay"

CALLmeKAT – "Bug In A Web"

Daniel Romano – "Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)"

Delicate Steve – "Butterfly"

Dominique Young – "Hot Girl (Delicate Steve mix)"

Early Winters – "Tough Love"

Eisley – "Smarter"

Family Of The Year –

For A Minor Reflection – "Dansidans"

Hostage Calm – "Shattering Mirrors"

Iron Rain – "Silent Sins"

Jared Mees & the Grown Children – "Hungry Like A Tiger"

Jared Mees & the Grown Children – "Limber Hearts"

Late Nite Wars – "Death By Routine"

Lions Lions – "Radiator"

Make Do And Mend – "Winter Wasteland"

Man Overboard – "The Usual Results"

Martin Solveig and Dragonette – "Hello"

Meat Puppets – "Damn Thing"

Northcote – "Free Tonight"

Outrage – "Dead Air"

Ryan Driver – "Am I Still Too Late"

Set Your Goals – "Goonies Never Say Die"

Some Community – "Random Words"

Surf City –
"Rulers On The World"

Surf City –

The Effort – "There's Still Hope For You"

The Golden Age – "Unlock Yourself"

The Klaxons – "Echoes (Steve Aoki mix)"

The Postelles – "Sleep On The Dance Floor"

The Raveonettes – "Forget That You're Young"

The Sound Of Growing Up – "Drifting"

The Sound Of Growing Up – "The Kite"

Trial – "Unrestrained"

Urge Overkill –

Wait In Vain – "Seasons"

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