The SWAG Report 45

Thursday, 03 March 2011

Looks like ya hit pay dirt junkie!

So after a couple o'weeks suckin' fumes wit' SWAG at a trickle, I gotcher first motherload o' the year right 'ere! Check this out bitch – I got thirty-eight individual songs 'ere, an' a whole comp ta boot! Howzat for a turnaround?

None o' these songs is a limp dick either. Other than the crotch-grabbin' metal in the comp, I lifted tunes by Bob Seger, John Doe, Hey Rosetta, Matthew Dear an' Peter Elkas (an' a couple others too) for them that likes their rock folkie, Memphis, Leb Laze, Project Jenny, Project Jan, Jon McKiel, Scattered Trees, Snailhouse, White Denim an' The Midway State for them that likes their rock indie (among others), some tunes from a buncha Japanese bands (like Aphasia and Wonfu) for them who likes their rock imported, a Tabarnakin' comp for alla metalheads an' a tonne more. Yer gettin' a smorgasbord for yer fix 'is week junkie! So dig in an' get right!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Alexander Tucker – “His Arm Has Grown Long”

Aphasia –
“Metal Tank”

Blueprint – “So Alive”

Bob Seger –
“Downtown Train (Tom Waits cover)”

Cat's Eyes –
“Not A Friend”

Cesar Luciano –

Christopher Smith – “Gently Gently”

Clara May – “Hyderabad”

Closed Sessions (featuring Freddie Gibbs & GLC) –
“Heads Of The Heads”

Colleen And Paul – “Please Be Kind”

Daniel Lioneye – “Neolithic Way”

Echo – “Dear John”

Fire EX. – “A Man On The Sea”

Heartless Bastards – “Sway”

Heaven – Mountains Move”

Hey Rosetta – “Seeds”

Jena Malone and Lem Jay – “Raccoon”

Jill Sobule and John Doe – “Under The Bridge”

Joan As Police Woman – “The Magic”

Jon McKiel – “Motion Pictures”

Leb Laze – “Toxic Knock (A)”

Matthew Dear – “Slow Dance”

Memphis – “I Am The Photographer”

Memphis – “I Want The Lights On After Dark”

Peter Elkas –
“Cool Thing To Do”

Project Jenny, Project Jan –

Scattered Trees – “Love And Leave”

Shuyler Jansen – “Wedding Band”

Snailhouse –
“Sentimental Gentleman”

Snowblink – “Ambergris”

The Latebirds –
“Summer Becomes Fall”

The Midway State –

The White Eyes –
“Kiss Your Eyes”

Therapies Son –
“Touching Down”

Tizzy Bac –
“Iron Bac”

Vandaveer – “Concerning Past and Future Conquests”

Various Artists –
Storming The Gates, Tabarnak! Vol. 1

White Denim – “Drug”

Wonfu – “Indian Lover”

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