The SWAG Report 44

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hey d'ere kiddies,

So here we go again wit' another great bag o' SWAG from me ta yous. I tell ya, they ain't gettin' any lighter now! An' 'ey're gettin' better too! I foun' some bits o' the new album by R.E.M. 'at was just layin' around so I picked 'em up an' put 'em in 'ere, an' I also foun' some o' dat new Foo Fighters, Descendents an' Tune-Yards for yer swipin' pleasure, but 'at's the gravy this week. The meat is wit' this band 'at's got both the best and worst name ever. Check 'is out, who calls 'eir band Gay For Johnny Depp?! When I saw dat, I laughed 'til I stopped – I'm tellin' ya! An' 'ey sound like The Butthole Surfers! 'At jus' figures, I guess, cuz Johnny Depp did a stretch in a band called P wit' Gibby Haynes an' did some Abba covers after Gib got outta rehab didn't he?  I thought that was great, so I thought I'd throw some spotlight on it. There's more here too – go check it out!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

A.D.O.R. – "Let It All Hang Out (clean edit)"

Bass Drum Of Death – "Young Pros"

Candy Claws – "Snowdrift Wish"

Descendents – "Nothing With You"

Dog Day – "Scratches"

Dumbo Gets Mad – "Eclectic Prawn"

Dumbo Gets Mad – "Plumy Tale"

Eleventh Dream Day – "Satellite"

Fergus & Geronimo – "Powerful Lovin'"

Foo Fighters – "Rope"

Fredrik – "Rites Of Spring"

Gay For Johnny Depp – "Humility (Best Coast mix)"

Gospel Claws – "I Can I Will"

Jarrod Gorbel – "Miserable Without You"

Julian Lynch – "Terra"

Kinch – "Once I Was A Mainsail" 

Parts & Labor – "Rest"

R.E.M. – "It Happened Today"

R.E.M. – "Mine Smell Like Honey"

Rick Rizzo and Tara Key – "Hungry"

Simon Says No! – "Solitary Rush"

Summer Camp – "I Want You"

The Cool Kids – "Bundle Up"

The Crackling – "The Three Of You"

The Deer Tracks – "Ram Ram"

The Extraordinaires – "The Big Show"

The Heavenly States – "Model Son"

The Honey Pies – "Get It Right"

The Kill Van Kulls – "Fools Wish"

The Romany Rye – "I Hate Myself"

Trevor Simpson – "Addicted To That 808"

Tune-Yards –

Underground Railroad –
"Days Go By" 

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