The SWAG Report 43

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Awright junky,

So here we go, dancin' the time warp again. Here's me – yer ever-lovin' Don Loder –  carryin' a great big bag o' SWAG, an' 'ere's you – startin' to feel the itch. Ya gonna try an' take me fer what I got 'ere junky? I betchu won't, but I'll give ya a taste anyway. In'ere, I got a set o' thirty-one pieces o' solid gold SWAG – some of it from some great names like Katy Perry, Moby an' some of it by names you fuckin' well SHOULD know, like Chiddy Bang, Freddie Gibbs, Five O'Clock Heroes, Jessica 6 an' Young Galaxy. Oh – y'ain't heard those names yet? Ya will, but ya can get a tiny taste of'em 'ere. So whaddaya waitin' for? Getcher fix awready!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever lovin' Don Loder.

Charles Bradley – "No Time For Dreaming"

Chiddy Bang – "Rebel"

Colin James – "It's Gonna Be Alright"

Dean Martin – "Hey Good Lookin' (Shake It Mix)"

Diamond Rings – "Leftovers"

Elk – "Let's Get Married"

Elk – "Volleyball"

Five O'Clock Heroes – "City Of Lights"

Floating Action – "Please Reveal"

Freddie Gibbs – "National Anthem (Quickie Mart mix)"

Grails – "Almost Grew My Hair"

Jessica 6 – "White Horse"

Katie Costello – "Out Of Our Minds"

Katie Perry – "E.T. (instrumental)"

Katy Perry – "E.T."

Katy Perry – "E.T. (featuring Kanye West)"

L'Altra – "Nothing Can Tear It Apart"

Middle Brother – "Middle Brother"

Moby – Be The One EP

Panda Bear – "Jetty"

Peter Bjorn and John – "Breaker Breaker"

Screeching Weasel – "Beginningless Vacation"

Southeast Engine – "New Growth"

Storms – "Wolves And Bells"

Tape Deck Mountain – "Secret Serf"

That Ghost – "To Like You"

The Wombats – "Addicted To The Cure"

Victoria Banks – "Come On"

Withered Hand – "New Down"

Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks EP

Young Prisms – "Weekends And Treehouses"

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