The SWAG Report 40

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Awright youse,

I'm not sure wha's goin' on here, but how'd I go from snaggin' FORTY pieces o' beaut-ee-ful SWAG fer you junkies, an' 'en I'm down ta twenty less 'en a week later? Which one o' youse ratted us out huh? HUH?! That wasn't too bright, was it?

Well, lucky fer you, yer uncle Don has his ways o' gettin' good stuff when stuff's not all 'at plentiful an' I done myself proud this week. I found some good, good shit. Like 'is Nirvana cover by The Kickdrums – have you heard 'is yet? Of course you haven't – now, I like some cover songs, but I don't think very many Nirvana covers are very good. When Paul Anka can't do a cover song that even holds a candle to the original, 'at's sayin' somethin' – ya know what I'm sayin'? But this – this cover by The Kickdrums is some tasty, tasty shit, the kind o' shit 'at's habit formin' – ya know what I'm sayin? 'Ese two so-an-sos managed ta take a Nirvana tune an' actually update it! They turned it into a dance-punk tune an' it actually sounds good! Do yerself a favor an' get a taste o' that.

An' while yer here, check out this other two-piece, Dag For Dag. Now this is funny because their name'll get laughs depending on where inna world they are. See, they're from Sweden or somethin' so they wouldn't know dis, but one o' my old junkies who was an Aussie told me dis: a 'dag' is what they call the hardened, crusty, shit-covered bit o' wool hangin' below a sheep's asshole! How gross izzat? An' 'is band's called Dag For Dag – so what're they doin'? Tradin'? I wonder if 'ese two knew what they was callin' 'emselves when 'ey came up wit' their name? Prolly not, but they prolly shoulda checked! At least their music's good, even if their name's shitty (HA!)

Anyway, what else have I got? Some more new Amanda Palmer – that'll make some o' you junkies tingle – some new Concretes, some new REVOLVER an' 'is new band called Kids Of 88 – check THAT shit out, itza golden see-ringe special – 'at one. An' go through the rest of it too ya junkies, the list might be short, but there's good, good shit 'ere!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Amanda Palmer – "The Ship Song" (Nick Cave cover)

Balmorhea – "Clamor (Prefuse 73 mix)"

Balmorhea – "Clamor"

Braids – "Plath Heart"

Dag For Dag – "I Am The Assassin"

EMA – "The Grey Ship"

Hotels – "The Bat Watusi"

I'm From Barcelona – "Get In Line"

Iron & Wine – Daytrotter session

Kids Of 88 – "My House"

Kiran Ahluwalia – "Mustt Mustt (featuring Tinariwen)"

Rebekah Higgs – "Little Voice"

REVOLVER – "Parallel Lives"

Social Distortion – Daytrotter session

Telepath – "Dust (featuring Pervez Khan)"

Ten Kens – "For Posterity"

The Concretes – "All Day"

The Kickdrums – "Love Buzz" (Nirvana cover)

The Superfantastics – "Push You Away"

Tinie Tempah –
"Written In The Stars (radio edit)"

Violens –
"Violent Sensation Descends"

Young Galaxy – "We Have Everything"

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