The SWAG Report 39

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hey junky,

Wow – did it ever not take long for the business to shift right into gear! Here's the proof: las' week, I had, what, thirty ill-gotten pieces o' SWAG fer yer samplin' pleasure? Yeah, that was a drop in the bucket bitch! This week, I got FIFTY new songs fer you to rifle through, an' there ain't a limp one in the lot!

Check this out – in addition some the stuff I lifted that is just too hot too talk about too often (scroll down, you'll see), I got my greasy fingers on some bran' new …And You Will Know Is By The Trail Of Dead to lay on you! It sounds so fuckin' good too – this new reckid is goin' back to the pre-Universal days when the rhythms were thick an' rocky. Good, good shit fo' sure.

Not jus' that, by I foun' some new Bright Eyes, new Esben and The Witch, new Girl Talk (ain't no honor among thieves man – you stole yer samples, now I'm stealin' your songs), new Mogwai, new Lyrics Born anna whole album from Ruby Coast! That ain't even close to all though, scroll down and see! You'll getcher fix, there's no way you won't, baby!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Adebisi – "Genki Shank"

Adebisi – "International Dreambeat"

Amanda Palmer –
"Map Of Tasmania"

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – "Weight Of The Sun"

Atlantic/Pacific –
"Meet Your New Love"

Atlantic/Pacific –

Bardo Pond –
"Cracker Wrist"

Bardo Pond –
"Don't Know About You"

Bikini –
"Palm Aire"

Bright Eyes –
"Shell Games"

Eli Escobar – "Love Thing (Part 1)"

Eli Escobar –
"Love Thing (Part 2 – DJ Mehdi Club Mix)"

Esben And The Witch –
"Marching Song (Snorkel Mix)"

Esben And The Witch –

Fergus & Geronimo –
"Powerful Lovin'"

Girl Talk –
"Triple Double"

Holy Ghost – "Do It Again"

Hot Club de Paris –
"Free The Pyerodactyl 3"

Hot Sugar –
"Don't Cut Down My Tree"

Lumerians – "Atlantic Brook"

Luna Is Honey –
"Drippin' Wet"

Lyrics Born – "Lies X3 (Keys N Krates Mix)"

Mark Berube – "My Me Lady"

Mayer Hawthorne – "No Strings (Roller Boogie Mix)"

Mayer Hawthorne – "No Strings"

Mean Creek –
Hemophiliac EP

Middle Brother – "Me Me Me"

Misra Records – Legacy Compilation v1

Mogwai – "San Pedro"

Phineas and The Lonely Leaves – "The Kids We Use To Be"

Ruby Coast –
Whatever This Is LP

Scattered Trees – "A Conversation About Death On New Years Eve"

Shirock – "New Solution"

Snowblink – "Ambergris"

Starlings TN – "How Dark It Is Before The Dawn"

STRFKR – "Bury Us Alive"

Tape Deck Mountain –
"It Goes Down"

Thank You – "1, 2, 3, Bad"

The Concretes – "My Ways (Seconds Mix)"

The Olympic Symphonium – "Settle Down"

The Saddest Landscape – You Will Not Survive

The Young International – "This Year"

Win Win – "Nadastrom Moonbaton (remix)"

Woodsman – "Insects"

World Tour – "Sparks"

Young Widows – "Future Heart"

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