The SWAG Report 38

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy New Year ya mooks!

Sorry it took me a while to get back, I had a couple of things that needed doin' an' hadda spend a little time somewhere. Apparently, I should not drink Egg Nog in public – ya know what I'm sayin'? I was out at a holiday party an' I might've had a little too much Christmas cheer because, when the cops showed up to try an' break up the party, I tried to break them up into pieces. Bing bam boom I ended up havin' to spend Christmas onna very uncomfortable cell cot. I'm back now though, an' you wouldn't believe what Kris Cringle left me! A whole buncha music that I'm passin' on to you.

'Is 'ere izza first run o' the new year so ya wouldn't expect that there'd be much ta swipe (folk aroun' the holidays cling to their stuff like grim death – the music biz included) but, for bein' the tip o' the iceberg, this bag o' SWAG ain't bad. Right 'ere, I gotcha some shit ya don't expect to hear, like Cris Kirkwood stepping to the mic to deliver some vocals. Usually, the job falls to his brudda Kurt to sing, but Cris does hisself proud here; a perfectly respectable effort, I think. Not only that, I liberated some new tunes for fans o' bands like Action Makes, Doctor Ew, British Sea Power, Motorhead, The Get Up Kids, The Burning Hell, Yelle, The O's an' even a couple of full EPs an' full-length albums jus' layin' around waitin' for me to find 'em – it's a pretty mixed bag, but that jus' means there's somethin' in it for everybody! There's more comin' too junkie, the beast is wakin' up, are ya ready?

See ya soon,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Action Makes – "Berlin"

AgesandAges –
"Under A Cloud Shaped Like A Tomb"

Akron Family –
"So It Goes"

Alcoholic Faith Mission –
"My Eyes To See"

Asher Roth + Nottz –

Brett Detar –
Bird In The Tangle (full album)

British Sea Power –
"Who's In Control?"

Cris Kirkwood –
full solo Daytrotter session

Doctor Ew –
"The House Of Many Mansions"

Easter Island –

Eliza Doolittle –
"Pack Up"

Entire Cities –
"Rimme A Ride"

Epstein –

Grails –
"I Led Three Lives"

Jane Lui –
"Goodnight Company"

Jerry Leger –
"Wrong Kind Of Girl"

La Sera –
"Devil's Hearts Grow Gold"

"Winter Loves Summer Sun"

Memphis –
"I Want The Lights On After Dark"

Moon Doggies –
"What Took So Long"

Motorhead –
"Ace Of Spades (slow acoustic)"

Outtasight –
"Losing My Mind"

Range Rover –

Range Rover –

Spring Breakup –
"I'm Sorry That I Tried To Punch You In The Face"

Standing In The Shadows –
"One Way Ride (G Dub mix)"

The Burning Hell –
"Tired Of Playing Music"

The Coast –
"Heartbreak City"

The Donots –

The Get Up Kids –
"Shatter Your Lungs"

The O's –
"Tryin' To Have A Good Time"

These Kids Wear Crowns –

Twitch The Ripper –
"Bright Is Impossible"

Yelle –
"Safari Disco Club"

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