The SWAG Report 35

Friday, 03 December 2010

Hey there junkie,

Sorry I'm a day late. I hope you hadn't started twitchin' or something, but I got held up outta town. I went down to Atlantic City for a little R&R an' to see what there is to see down'ere – I ain't never been before. It was sorta cool, but it's an uptight town; if you go there, you hafta be on yer best behavior, or they'll mess you up big time! That's actually parta why I was late gettin' back….

Anyway, I'm back, with a clean run (they couldn't pin nothin' on me) an' I broughtcha back some goodies of course! The bag's not as big as it has been before, but the treasure makes up in quality what it has in quantity. I gotcha some new Low Anthem that ain't comin' out until next year, some New Collisions, some Glitch Mob an' some new Dears which will definitely cure what ails ya but, not jus' that, I stripped a couple o' singers for more than one tune! You know that chuck Lissie? I grabbed not one but TWO from 'er, an' that's some killer shit right there – I don' usually go out for the sorta pop she's peddlin' but her stuff's different; really good, ya know? I also grabbed a track from that Toby Richardson which is pretty cool too. Again, that ain't my usual kinda blue plate special, but it's pretty good 'ere, forgetaboutit. All that, an' I scammed some new Danko Jones! that's my kinda chronic man, and Danko's back with some fine, fine shit this time; watch for that record comin' soon, but grab this track to tide you over.

Awright, I'm done talkin' so get on it stick junkie! Go grab it all an' check it out! I won' be late next week, so yer sorry keister better be ready for me!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yer ever-lovin' uncle Don Loder.
Got any requests? Reach out an' touch me at

Colossal Yes – "Backbiter Blues"

Crushed Stars – "Eyeliner"

Danko Jones – "Had Enough"

Deer Tick – "Christmas All Summer Long"

Epstein 73 – "Seite Campanas de la Serenidad"

G. Love – "Fixin' To Die"

Jane Lui – "Illusionist Boy"

Jane Lui – "Jailcard"

Jaytram – "You Know They Out"

Lissie – "Bully"

Lissie – "In Sleep (Live)"

Liz Phair – "Why Can't I"

Moneypenny – "Destroy (remix pack)"

POPO – "Let's Get Away"

Rah Digga – "My Joy (featuring Curtis Mayfield)"

The Dears – "Blood"

The Duke Spirit – "Villian"

The Glitch Mob – "Fortune Days"

The Good Fear – "Be Like Us"

The Low Anthem – "Ghost Woman Blues"

The New Collisions – "Seven Generations"

The Nut House – "Lay 'em Down"

The Skeletones Four – "Trap Door"

Toby Richardson – "King Of All The Moves"

Violens – "Violent Sensation Descends"

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