The SWAG Report 34

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Alright junky, si'down a minute an' listen up,

So I thought I was doin' good by ya. I thought, y'know, thirty new bits o' liberated music a week? That ain't bad right? 'At's what I thought, an' prolly whatchu thought. It was a good deal, but then the holidays started hittin' and the gates swung open; what I'm findin' now makes what came before look like a drop in the bucket or like I was holdin' out on you! I swear I wasn't! You check it out for yerself — alla dese tunes are brand new, and ready for your pickin', an'ere's some good, good shit innis dispatch o' SWAG! Like I got some fine, bran' new Cage The Elephant here! Less than a year after their las' album came out in North America, an' they're awready talkin' 'bout a new album? I guess there really ain't no resy for the wicked for those guys. I also foun' the first new music from Gang Of Four to appear in a long, long time.

Shhhh… don' tell nobody, but I got a special strain o' Matisyahu in 'ere. New shit — brand new — an' it's pretty good too. Not only that, those sneaky little gremlins in Mogwai are makin' a new rekkid, an' they leaked a track that I picked up for you too. Don't tell nobody though! Shhh… you didn't see nothin'.

What else did I find'is week? Oh yeah – if yer into punk, yer ship has come innis week baby – I foun' new tracks by everybody from The Creepshow to Kings Of Nuthin' to The Brains to them greasy Quebecers The Sainte Catherines to The Russian Futurists to Tyvek an' more an' threw 'em all in 'ere, as well as more pop from The Puppini Sisters, Simian Mobile Disco an' Sean Bones, an' some stuff that I dunno what you'd call it from Sexrays. If you ain't heard o' Exrays yet, don' worry – you will; these guys are the most man, check 'em out.

What else have I got for ya? What don't I got? Dammit, there's sixty-four songs innis beast this week, go find somethin' ya like an' get hooked on it!

Love & sloppy kisses,
Yer ever-lovin' Don Loder.
Reach out an' touch me at

American Werewolves – "Coffin Brothers"

Amos Lee – "Windows Are Rolled Down"

Audio Rocketry –
"Hallelujah Halifax"

Burning Streets – "Throwing Rocks"

Cage The Elephant – "2024"

California Wives – "Purple"

Captain, We're Sinking – "Crushed By Milwaukee's Best"

Carpenter – "Mean Things"

Construction & Deconstruction – "The Oracle"

Cowlick – "Wires"

Ohio – "Dissimilarity Index"

Demon's Claws – "Mona's Lunch"

Destroyer – "Chinatown"

Direct Hit! – "Shame"

Down And Away – "Downtown"

Sexrays – "Ways To Stop Time"

Sexrays – "You Forgot"

Feast Of Famine – "Locked Doors"

Fiya – "King"

Gang Of Four – Free EP

Guns On The Run – "Her Blood Means War"

Harbor 81 – "Queen Of Hearts"

Holcombe Waller – "Risk Of Change"

Jim Byrnes – "Hot As A Pistol"

Joey Wright – "Genius"

Kings Of Nuthin' – "Old Habits"

La Femme – "Sur La Planche"

Let Me Run – "Corey's Song"

Make Do And Mend – "Transparent Seas"

Malachai – "Rainbows"

Matisyahu – "Miracle"

Midnight Juggernauts – Lara vs, The Savage Pack EP

Mixtapes – "I Was A Teenage Poltergeist"

Mogwai – "Rano Pano"

Pas Chic Chic – "Allez Vous Faire Influencer"

Protagonist – "Light The Fuse"

PS I Love You – "Starfield"

Restorations – "Title Track"

Rust Belt Lights – "Forty-five"

Sean Bones – "Turn Them"

Shores – "Robin"

Simian Mobile Disco – "Sweetbread (Radio Edit)"

Small Town Riot – "Backstreet Story"

Subwaste – "Final Blackout"

Sunbear – "All The Time"

Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy – "Your Wild"

The Arrival – "Simple Pleasures In America"

The Brains – "Screaming"

The Creepshow – "They All Fall Down"

The Dopemines – "My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Night Vission Goggles"

The Dreadnoughts – "Cider Road"

The Garnits – "Falling Apart"

The Hollowpoints – "God Save Anna Nicole"

The Holy Mountain – "Here Is No Exit"

The Measure [SA] – "Timburkulosis"

The Puppini Sisters – "Last Christmas (Whan Cover)"

The Russian Futurists – "Hoeing Weeds, Sewing Seeds"

The Sainte Catherines – "We Used To Be In Love"

Todos Caeran – "Questions"

Tommy Gustafson & The Idiots – "Bring The Rope"

Tyvek – "4312"

Tyvek – "Underwater To"

VRGMS – "Hide and Seek"

Win Win – "Release RPM"

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