The SWAG Report 33

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hey junky,

How're ya keepin'? Have ya got the shakes yet or what? Don'chu worry, doctor Donnie's here to cure what ails ya witta great big bag o' new tunes. An' I got some doozies for ya this week too — I tracked down some o' the new Dre reckid that ain't come out yet (same Dre a decade later, but I ain't shortin' him – it's still great), an' I foun' some Kanye West to getcher inner street thug movin'. That's one thing (well, two), but I also foun' some pretty addictive shit from the OTHER side o' the musical fence. Like, I foun' some bran'new strains o' Poly Styrene on the inter-webs (remember her? She used to play innat weird Brit-punk band X-Ray Spex) annat's pretty cool. Further inta the punk spectrum, I foun' some bran'new old Screeching Weasel! They're puttin' out Television City Dream again, an' I got some fo'ya! Not only that, I got some Smoke Or Fire, Say Hi, 3rd Degree, Brass Bed, Bobby Long an' Elk! I'm gonna shut up so's you don' waste no more time up 'ere, go check it out!

Love & sloppy kisses,
"Docta" Don Loder
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Bear In Heaven – "Fake Out (Glass Ghost mix)"
Bikini – "American Mourning"
Bobby Long – "Who Have You Been Loving"
Bomarr – "Exchanges Among Systems (Fancy Mike mix)"
Brass Bed – "God Saves The Thieves"
Brass Bed – "How To Live In A Bad Dream"
Deadhorse – "Interstellar Remedies"
Deluka – "OMFG"
Dr. Dre – "Kush"
Elk – Honey Range
Elk – "Volleyball"
Fang Island – "Patterns on the Wall (featuring Andrew W.K.)"
Glass Vaults – "New Space"
Illecism – Molotov mixtape
Kanye West – "Chain Heavy (featuring Talib Kweli and Consequence)"
Kyle Andrews – "Bombs Away"
Kyle Andrews – "We Were Colors"
Lisa Papineau – "White Leather Pants"
Meanest Man Contest – "Takitani Edit (Superhumanoids mix)"
Meanest Man Contest – "Takitani Edit"
None More Black – "I'm Warning You With Peace & Love"
Poly Styrene – "Black Christmas"
Ringside – "Money"
Say Hi – "Devils"
Scattered Trees – "Love And Leave"
Scott Miller – "Joyful Joyful"
Screeching Weasel – "Speed Of Mutation"
Smoke Or Fire – "Monsters Among Us"
The Hush Now – "On Holiday"
Thunderball – "Enter The Brahmin"
Thunderball – "Runaway (Ghosts On Tape mix)"
3rd Degree – "Get Dis Paper"

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