The SWAG Report 32

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Alright ya mugs,

So this week, yer makin' out like bandits, lemme tell ya. I actually hadda be a their o' discernin' taste this week – what wit' Christmas comin' up an' all there ain't no shortage o' new reckids comin' out. Reckid labels are RUNNIN' ta get shit out! As much as they can! They're rushin' everything they c'n think of out the door! Fi' dollar Billy tells me he's up to his EARS in stuff ta work on, but the upside fer thieves like me izzat, the faster they try an' crank shit out the door, the more shit they drop. That means 'ere's more shit gets left layin' around, an' more shit for me to pass along to you when I find it.

Don't think so? Check out this forty-five-deep bucket load o' primo SWAG I got 'ere.

There ain'no lame ducks innis batch, junky. This week, I foun' some brand new SWAG from both The Decemberists AND My Chemical Romance, all jus' layin' around onna floor, wit' everybody at the shop thinkin' folks'll be on their honor not ta touch it. Are they on crack?! There ain'no honor amongst thieves junky – so I scored it ALL for ya! The new Decemberists tune I foun' is fuckin' great – it's got some country to it, but makes up fer that limp-wristed reckid they dropped on folks two albums ago, The Crane Wife, wit' just one song! This one song has me excited about The Decemberists again baby!Anna new My Chem? They ditched that fuckin' metal edge that has been ham-stringin' 'em for the las' two reckids an' traded it fer a bit o'pop an' punk! Don't get fooled by the lame-o title of “Na Na Na,” it's a good fuckin' song!

We ain' jus' gona talk about the big guns here though. I got a new song by that band Michou that'll shock ya. Las' reckid, that bnd was doin' some pretty good indie pop shit but this new song sounds like the band went an' grew a set! They're actually rockin' like they mean it here, an' they're doin' it HARD baby! Check that shit out, an' don' skip out on the Shilpa Ray (Nick Cave swears by 'em), Stereolab or Tinie Tempah either – that shit's ALL GOOD. Ya know what? Fuck that shit – grab it all! There ain't one shit shingle I threw in 'cuz I figured SOMEBODY hadda like it, it's all fuckin' prime!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever lovin' Uncle Donnie Loder

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Anna Calvi – “Jezebel”

Bad Books – “You Wouldn't Have To Ask”

Badly Drawn Boy – What I'm Thinking EP

Balmorhea – “Clamor”

Beyonce – “Smash Into You (Mighty Mouse mix)”

Brent Amaker & the Rodeo – “Man In Charge (featuring Tilson)” 

Celph Titled & Buckwild – “Wack Juice”

Copywrite – “Seretonin”

Danko Jones – “Had Enough”

Depressed Buttons – “Owl M”

Erase Errata – “Damaged”

Giantsand – “Fields Of Green”

Gorillaz – “Superfast Jellyfish (Mighty Mouse mix)”

Illecism – “Akira”

Jesse Payne – “Manhattan Project”

John Eye – “Ride”

Michou – “Missing Me Now”

Modern Skirts – “Bumper Car”

My Chemical Romance – “Na Na Na”

My Chemical Romance – “Save Yourself”

My Chemical Romance – “SING”

My Chemical Romance – “The Only Hope For Me Is You”

Oars – “Karats”

OFF! – “Full Of Shit”

Pascal Pinon – “New Beginning”

Pomegranates – “Skull Cakin'”

Puppini Sisters – “Santa Baby”

Rubblebucket – “Michelle (Beatles cover)”

Seti X – “I Am Getting Married In A Space Ship”

Seti X – “Pulsar Plus”

Seti X – “Visit To The Observatory”

Seti X – “Psycho Killer/Total Transmission”

Seti X – “Uranium Nations/Hello Children”

Shigeto – “Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison cover)”

Shilpa Ray – “Heaven In Stereo”

Stereolab – “Sun Demon”

The Concretes – “All Day”

The Decemberists – “Down By The Water”

The Duke Spirit – “Procession”

The Wombats – “Jump Into The Fog”

Tinie Tempah – “Pass Out (featuring Snoop Dogg)”

Tristan Allen – “Janos vs. Wonderland”

Twilight Hotel – “Mahogany Veneer”

Warm Ghost – “Open The Wormhole In Your Heart”

White Mountains – “Bells”

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