The SWAG Report 147

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Good day my troubled brothers and sisters!

I have had an awakening! An epiphany! I have seen the error of my ways – seen the light – and wanted to share the good word with you! Life is worth living, and the singer who showed me the way was Zacardi Cortez. I included his song here today as a tribute of enlightenment – it is big and bold and beautiful, and is action-packed with strains which will certainly soothe your much beleaguered soul. It did wonders for mine.

The wonders keep on coming this week too! Jane's Addiction has returned with “Another Soulmate,” the single best song they've released in over twenty years! For the first time, the band sounds like they're back on the street, hungry and have something to prove, and the results are fantastic. Have they finally been reborn and found redemption too? Maybe….

And there's more to be found here too – my little lambs. There is plenty to nourish your lost souls at my table, so dig in!

Don' worry junky, I'm shoor dis enlightenment won' last long. It never does; in fact, I c'n feel it slippin' awready. I'll be back ta tormentin' youse wit' bags o' SWAG nex' week.

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Akir – Focus[Album]

Boreal Sons – “Sparks” – [mp3]

Bosnian Rainbows – “Torn Maps” – [mp3]

Buke and Gase – “General Dome” – [mp3]

Christopher Paul Stelling – “Brick X Brick” – [mp3]

Dear Bianca – Talker[Album]

Gorguts – “Forgotten Arrows” – [mp3]

Hawkeyes – “March Of The Elephants” – [mp3]

Ian Rubbish – “Hey Policeman” – [mp3]

Ian Rubbish – “Living in the Gutter” – [mp3]

Ian Rubbish – “Maggie Thatcher” – [mp3]

Ian Rubbish – “Sweet Iron Lady” – [mp3]

Jane's Addiction – “Another Soulmate” – [mp3]

Lucius – “Hey Doreen” – [mp3]

Mazon Sun – “Sun Roof” – [mp3]

Mortar & Pestle – “U.V.” – [mp3]

No BS Brass Band – “RVA All Day” – [mp3]

PHZ-Sticks – “Coming Down” – [Single]

Pink Frost – “Ruins” – [mp3]

Quasi – “You Can Stay But You Got To Go” – [mp3]

Royal Bangs – “Better Run” – [mp3]

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – “Broken Bones & Pocket Change” – [mp3]

The O's – “Outlaw” – [mp3]

The Tarantula Waltz – “17” – [mp3]

Wowser Bowser – “The Garden” – [mp3]

Zacardi Cortez – “1 On 1” – [mp3]

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