The SWAG Report 144

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hiya junky,

Nice ta see youse – yer lookin' well how have you been?

Ya see what I did there? I went outta my way ta be nice an' polite ta youse moogerfoogers, 'cause dat's what gets readers, according ta fi'dollar Billy. 'At ain't me though, an' youse all know it! I'm da guy thit gets ya some new music wit' a sneer on my face an' answers ta da name Don Loder! So here goes….

Dis week, in addition ta da usual selection o' new tunes I scored, I also took a minit ta look back an' score some olda music too. I nabbed some ol' Against Me! tunes fer youse cause ther awesome, an' some Man Man an' Tom Waits an' Propagandhi too. It's all good, good shit an' ya mighta tried it before, but here it is again, in case ya din' get da point da first time. So go geddit awready, ya foolish junkies! Nothin's nailed down, take it all!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Admirers ― “Spirit Lamp (Joywave mix)” ― [mp3]

Against Me! ― “Unsubstantiated Rumors” ― [mp3]

Against Me! ― “Cliche Guevara” ― [mp3]

Against Me! ― “Don't Lose Touch” = [mp3]

Ages ― “I Bend And Fold” ― [mp3]

Barrow ― “Withier” ― [mp3]

Beth Orton ― “Dawn Chorus” ― [mp3]

Burglary Years ― “Hey Do You Wanna Come Over” ― [mp3]

Burn Your World ― “Open Mind” ― [mp3]

Calexico ― “Splitter” ― [mp3]

Daybreaker ― “N.Y.E.” ― [mp3]

Discourse ― “Another Wave” ― [mp3]

Empty Chairs ― “Akira” ― [mp3]

Foxfires ― “Gravity Is Honest” ― [mp3]

Go Deep ― “Glossectomy” ― [mp3]

Harvey Pekar ― “The Fifth Base” ― [mp3]

Jay Stolar ― “Like You Do” ― [mp3]

Keaton Henson ― “You” ― [mp3]

Kim Lenz and The Jaguars ― “Follow Me” ― [mp3]
Light Years ― “Feet First” ― [mp3]

Man Man ― “Head On” ― [mp3]

Mavis Staples ― “I Like The Things About Me” ― [mp3]

My Mouth Is The Speaker ― “The Hard Way” ― [mp3]

Neko Case ― “Man” ― [mp3]

Propagandhi ― “Anti-Manifesto” ― [mp3]

Sean Rowe ― “Horses” ― [mp3]

Sex Cross ― “Hollowed Ground” ― [mp3]

Signals Midwest ― “Caricature” ― [mp3]

Sweet Weapons ― “Strange Brew” ― [mp3]

Territory ― “Throne” ― [mp3]

The Melodic ― “On My Way” ― [mp3]

The Milk Carton Kids ― “Honey Honey” ― [mp3]

Tom Waits & Keith Richards ― “Shenandoah” ― [mp3]

True Love ― “Midnight People” ― [mp3]

Worship This! ― “Kalamazilla” ― [mp3]

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