The SWAG Report 142

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Heyo Junky!

Awright, so, betta late than neva, I'm back again wit' anotha great big bag o' SWAG fer yer approval. It's some tasty samples too – ther's a bitta punk, a bitta stoner rock a bitta pop an' hip hop an' everything else too – youse gotcherself a smorgasboard dis week!

O' course, sittin' at da head o' da smorg is da big names like Bob Mould an' Murray Lightburn an' Radiohead. I dunno where or why, but I came upon a whole show o' Radiohead's from 1995 that I thoughtchu'd like, so I threw it inn'ere fer youse, but da real surprise is comin' in from Murray Lightburn. Fer those o' youse what don'know, Lightburn's da voice an' guitar of a Canadian band called The Dears, but this new tune is somethin' else. Ther's somethin' dark about this song junky – I can't put my finga onnit – annit's darker than anything The Dears eva did. It's good though; a nice tasty morsel, it'll getcha hooked an' waitin' fer da full-length. Ann'en there's the tune I scored from Bob Mould; this shouldn'need any explanation, it's awesome, go geddit, you won' be sorry. GO on! Get da Bob Mould song I grabbed fer youse!

What else have I got dis week…. Oh yeah – I scored a new Shovels & Rope song an threw it innere, a new song from Davey Suicide an' Freakwater – they're good, they're great go geddem – an' I scored some otha full-lengths from Run The Jewels an' XUL too, annat's all jus' da tip o' tha iceberg! Ther's some o' everything here junky, fer every taste, so quit readin' an' start swipin'!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

A Lion Named War – “This Won't Last For Long” – [mp3]

Along Came A Spider – “Those We” – [mp3]

Aqua Nebula Oscillator – “Dead Soul” – [mp3]

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound – “L.A. Sacrifice” – [mp3]

Bob Mould – “The Descent” – [mp3]

Bruised But Not Broken – “De” – [mp3]

Churchill – “Change” – [mp3]

Cinema Sleep – “Through This House” – [mp3]

Consider Me Dead – “Breathe Me” – [mp3]

Davey Suicide – “One More Night” – [mp3]

Farewell My Love – “Skip The Mem” – [mp3]

Freakwater – “Hi Ho Silver” – [mp3]

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – “The Lion, The Beast, The Beat” – [mp3]

Greensky Bluegrass – “Don't Lie” – [mp3]

Modern Day Escape – “Bound By BI” – [mp3]

Mona – “Goons (Baby I need It All)” – [mp3]

Moon Taxi – “Running Wild” – [mp3]

Murray Lightburn – “Motherfuckers” – [mp3]

Night Beds – “Ramona” – [mp3]

Picture Me Broken – “Torture” – [mp3]

Radiohead – Live At Tramps (June 1, 1995) – [Album]

Rubblebucket – “Oooh Wa” – [mp3]

Run The Jewels – Self-Titled[Album]

Sarah Jarosz – “Man Is In Need Of” – [mp3]

Senseless Beauty – “Be Still” – [mp3]

Set To Reflect – “Impressions” – [mp3]

Shovels & Rope – “Birmingham” – [mp3]

Sixfingerz – “Rhode Island” – [mp3]

The Nearly Deads – “Never Look Back” – [mp3]

The Pass – “Halo” – [mp3]

The Relapse Symphony – “Make Your Mo” – [mp3]

The String Cheese Incident – “Can't Wait Another Day” – [mp3]

The Toxic Avenger – “Romance & Cigarettes” – [mp3]

Woodpigeon – “Red Rover, Red Rover” – [mp3]

XUL – Malignance[Album]

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