The SWAG Report 140

Friday, 31 May 2013

Haya doin' junky?

I know haya SHOULD be doin', ya vein tappin' scum, ya should be itchin' somethin' fierce cuz I ain't ben'ere fer a coupla weeks! So're youse feelin' the need ta getcha hands on some new SWAG? That's what I thought. Lucky fer youse, I ben savin' up an' gotcha a great BIG bag o' SWAG dis week. Are ya happy 'bout dat? I thought so.

Awright, le's start wit' a big name first: I swiped to kick-ass tune from The Liars dis week fer youse. Da las' reckid Liars pit out, they wis gettin' a little bit poppy an' ambient soundin'. It wis pretty good too – sudat's why I grabbed two song's around that reckid fer youse! Both "Perfume" an' "I Saw You From The Lifeboat" are pretty good examples of the strain Liars're peddlin' right now, an' yer gettin' 'em free tahday! Check 'em out, ther awesome.

I alsonabbed a new tune from'at sorta shoegazin' pop band Futurebirds, an' you'd be wise ta go geddit too, ya reprobates. Between it an' the tune by Grant Lee Phillips thit's right below it innis week's list, that oughtta ensure thitcher pop jones'll be fixed junky. If that don' do it though, I also scored tunes from Ivan And Ayosha, Josh James an' Japanther fo' ya too.

"Izzat all?" 'course not, ya greedy simpleton. I came atcha wit' about SEVENTY tunes dis week junky, annit's a good mixed bag; somethin' fer every taste. So go get some awready!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Aaron & The Spell – “Don't Cry” – [mp3]

Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra – “When We Were Young” – [mp3]

Bombadil – “Honeymoon” – [mp3]

Branches – “Helicopter” – [mp3]

Building Pictures – “Come Of Age” – [mp3]

Cameron Bedell – “Where Is The Gravity” – [mp3]

Chance McCoy – “Little Birdie” – [mp3]

Charlie Mars – “I Do I Do” – [mp3]

Cherry Poppin' Daddies – “The Babooch” – [mp3]

Cheyenne Mize – “Along The Grey” – [mp3]

Courtney Jaye – “Tiger's Eye” – [mp3]

David Ramirez – “The Bad Days” – [mp3]

David Wax Museum – “Will You Be Sleeping” – [mp3]

Dead Stars – “Waste Away” – [mp3]

Drew Holcomb – and the Neighbors – “Nothing But Trouble” – [mp3]

Duquette Johnston – “Cherry Blossom” – [mp3]

Eisley –
“Drink The Water” – [mp3]

Elle Macho – “Glow In The Dark” – [mp3]

Eric Stepanian – “Bittersweet” – [mp3]

Escondido – “Special Enough” – [mp3]

Futurebirds – “Serial Bowls” – [mp3]

Grant Lee Phillips – “The Straghten Outer (Live At McCabes)” – [mp3]

Griffin House – “Fenway” – [mp3]

Guster – “This Could Be Yours” – [mp3]

Ivan and Ayosha – “Be Your Man (Acoustic)” – [mp3]

Jane Marczewski – “River” – [mp3]

Japanther – “Stolen Flowers” – [mp3]

Jay Nash – “Wander” – [mp3]

Jenny & Tyler – “Little Balloon” – [mp3]

Jessica Campbell – “Sunnyside” – [mp3]

Joshua James – “Queen Of The City” – [mp3]

Karla Adolphe – “Flying Low” – [mp3]

Kate Earl – “Native Son” – [mp3]

Kate Tucker – “Hangover” – [mp3]

Kelsey Merges – “Inside My Head” – [mp3]

Kree Woods – “Talking Underwater” – [mp3]

Kris Orlowsk – “Warsaw” – [mp3]

K.S. Rhoads – “Harvest” – [mp3]

Langhorne Slim and The Law – “The Way We Move” – [mp3]

Levi Weaver – “Talk Me Down” – [mp3]

Liars – “I Saw You From The Lifeboat” – [mp3]

Liars – “Perfume” – [mp3]

Matt Costa – “Loving You” – [mp3]

Matt Pond – “Starlet” – [mp3]

Matt Wertz – “Get To You” – [mp3]

Matthew Mayfield – “Miles and Miles” – [mp3]

Mike Mains & The Branches – “Noises” – [mp3]

Mother Falcon – “Dirty Summer” – [mp3]

Nicholas Altobelli – “The Lucky Ones” – [mp3]

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed – “Good Bye” – [mp3]

Racheal Yamagata – “Saturday Morning” – [mp3]

Rah Rah – “The Poet's Dead” – [mp3]

Red Wolf – “Red Wolf” – [mp3]

Ruston Kelly – “Songbird” – [mp3]

Said The Whale – “I Love You” – [mp3]

Samantha Crain – “Never Going Back” – [mp3]

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes – “You Can't Break Me Again” – [mp3]

Stephen Kellogg – “Crosses” – [mp3]

Steve Moakler – “Today” – [mp3]

The Lonely Wild – “Everything You Need” – [mp3]

The Damnwells – “Feast Of Hearts” – [mp3]

The Melodic – “On My Way” – [mp3]

The Stone Foxes – “Everybody Knows” – [mp3]

Those Darlins – “Summer's Dead” – [mp3]

Tim Halperin – “She Sets Me Free” – [mp3]

Toby Lightman – “So Natural” – [mp3]

Tony Lucca – “Always” – [mp3]

Tyrone Wells – “A Beautiful Place To Be” – [mp3]

William Fitzsimmons – “Beautiful Girl” – [mp3]

Young Summer – “Fever Dream” – [mp3]

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