The SWAG Report 134

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter, ya egghead junky!

How's da holiday treatin' youse? Things're great down onna street junky. I scored a buncha new tunes fer youse ta sample – now howzat fer some sweet Easter eggs?

Awright, so le's get ta the SWAG. Ya know that reckid label ATO? Well, I scored a heavy samplin' o' wares from them fer youse junkie, annit sounds great! I got some Bronx (ann'ey ain't from Brooklyn – ya know what I'm sayin'?), some My Morning Jacket, a new tune from the Kopeky Family Band an' a tune form Bobby Long, then I went back an' hit Jim Hames from My Morning Jacket fer a tune thit he didn' get the band ta play on! How da ya like dat? I swiped some from the "family," then I swiped some more from the guy what was steppin' out on 'em!

That's pretty good I think, but ther's also more here! I scored an' awsome new song from Dallas Green called "Of Space And Time." Ya know, I was actually sorry ta hear it when ol' fi'dollar Billy tol' me thit Alexisonfire was hangin' up ther shoes, but that this new song sounds as good as it does means'at ther's hope yet fer the pieces o' the group! After hearin' that, I'm feelin' like all things is possible – ya know junky?

Anyway, That's all jus' da tip o' the iceberg fer youse junky, I nabbed a buncha otha stuff fer youse ta mebbe git hooked on, like a new tune by Young Man anna whole album by The Get Togethers. Ya gotta hear dis stuff junky, so get movin' an' get onnit!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin Don Loder

Alabama Shakes – “I Ain't The Same” – [mp3]

Allen Stone – “Contact High” – [mp3]

Bobby Long – “Devil Moon” – [mp3]

Caitlin Rose – “Only A Clown” – [mp3]

City And Colour – “Of Space And Time” – [mp3]

Jim James – “A New Life” – [mp3]

Jonny Fritz – “Ain't It Your Birthday” – [mp3]

Kopeky Family Band – “Heartbeat” – [mp3]

Langhorne Slim & The Law – This Is The Way We Move[EP]

My Morning Jacket – “Leaving On A Jet Plane” – [mp3]

The Bronx – “Youth Wasted” – [mp3]

The Get Togethers – Home As In Houston[Album]

The Scanners – “Mexico” – [mp3]

Vusi Mahlasela – “Amdokwe” – [mp3]

Young Man – “Unfair” – [mp3]

Zomes – “Cave Mountain Steam” – [mp3]

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