The SWAG Report 130

Friday, 15 February 2013

Awrightchu worthless junkies youse,

I dunno who you ben talkin' to, but I feel like I've had a tail on me ova da las' little while. I's like, everywhere I go, i's hard findin' stuff thit fell offa da back o' music industry trucks! You wound'know anything about that, wouldja junky? Cuz if you did, well, that'd be a real shame fer youse. So le's keep ya right, awright? Dummy up an' nothin' bad's gonna happen.

Inna meantime, I do got anotha bag o' SWAG fer youse ta persuse. Some o' da stuff innit's pretty good too; like I nabbed dis new tune by dis emcee who calls hisself Double Dutch Oven. Have you heard dis shit? I's like “Ugh! Me so horny,” dick-an-fart-joke hip hop all overagain man! If you loved it before, yer gonna love it'ere – go geddit right now.

While yer at it, go check out dis song “1,000 Years” by Black Pus. Again, i's pretty fuckin' raunchy an' set ta a sound thit ol' fi'dollar Billy would prolly call 'lurid', but I jus' call it a butt-spakin' good time. Go get dat, ann'en get close to a woman an' see what happens; I betchul like it!

Oh “what else do I got” yer askin'? Fine! I got a new Metric remix, an awesome new blues by The Record Company, a sketchy new piece o' music from Team Spirit an' a bunch o' otha stuff too. Go check it out junky – ya don' need me ta tell ya about it, i's all free!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Andrew Leahey – “Little In Love” – [mp3]

Antwon – In Dark Denim[EP]

Bad Cop – “Animal” – [mp3]

Beat Radio – “Dreaming Wide Awake” – [mp3]

Black Pus – “1,000 Years” – [mp3]

Double Dutch Oven – “Butt Like A Meatloaf” – [mp3]

Gramatik – “Bluestep” – [mp3]

Heartsrevolution – “Hello Hello” – [mp3]

Loveskills – “Cover Me” – [mp3]

Metric – “Breathing Underwater (MNDR mix)” – [mp3]

Onward Chariots – “Mama” – [mp3]

Various Artists – The Paste Valentine's Day Sampler – [Album]

Puscifer – Donkey Punch The Night[EP]

Shawn Desman – “Too Young To Care” – [mp3]

Summer Hours – “Close And Closer” – [mp3]

Team Spirit – Love Is For Suckers[EP]

Knowledge – “Doorknocker” – [mp3]

The Record Company – “Turn Me Loose” – [mp3]

The Veils – “Through The Deep Dark Wood” – [mp3]

VYIE – “Darrrk Knight” – [mp3]

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