The SWAG Report 129

Wednesday, 06 February 2013

Awright fall in, ya junkies,

How're things wi't youse? Me? I'm doin' good, butcha wouldn' know it by da lightness o' my bag o' SWAG dis week. I only scored fifteen tunes fer youse ta sample dis time! The upside izzat ther all pretty good.

Firs' , I gotcher mainstay thrills like Aesop Rock, Low ann'a Stars – ya know, da bands'at everybody knows I scored a new tour EP from Stars, a new remix from Aesop Rock ann'a song from Low dat's not out yet (i's comin' out onn'eir nex' reckid). Ther all good, yer gonna like 'em all, go get 'em!

I'll wait.

Ya done? Good! Then ther's da new stuff I got, an' some of it's really good too. Ta sound like ol' fi'dollar Billy, "You'd be well served, dear junky, to partake of, and pay special attention to, the new songs by such bands as Case Closed, Carl Creighton and Kail Baxley. They are fresh, they are nw and they are some of the best new voices coming down the pipe."

How'd I do? Good impression? It betta be, cuz I feel a little dirty jus' doin' it. No foolin' though, ther all real good an' ya should get hooked onn'at! So go geddit awready junky, get on lyin' pilferin' an' stealin' yer weaselly black guts out! Oh yeah, an' say thank youse when ya leave — ya reprobates!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Aesop Rock – "Cycles To Gehenna (Zavala mix)" – [mp3]

Backmasker – Effigies[EP]

Carl Creighton – "Tripping In Our Living Room" – [mp3]

Case Closed – "Junior Year" – [mp3]

Field Mouse – "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" – [mp3]

Glow Marrow – "Bear Creek" – [mp3]

Hollis Brown – "Nightfall" – [mp3]

Ishi – "Disco Queen" – [mp3]

John Grant – "Blackbelt" – [mp3]

Kail Baxley – "Don't Matter To Me" – [mp3]

Low – "Just Make It Stop" – [mp3]

The Bear And The Sea – "Sandblonde" – [mp3]

The Stars – You Guys Are Awesome (Tour EP) – [EP]

Wax – "Old Ways" – [mp3]

Whitehorse – "Devil's Got A Gun" – [mp3]

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