The SWAG Report 128

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hey there, hi there, ho there Junky,

I hafta get outta this habit o' soundin' so damned happy ta see ya, don't I? It's not at all fittin' wit' my nature, that's fer shoore. But hey, what can I say, I'm havin' a good day, an' yer the ones'at're gonna reap da rewards o' my good humor, ain'tcha?

Damn rightchu are!

So le's get right down innit awready! Ya know what I got fer youse dis week? I nabbed a whole pack o' punk covers fer youse but, even better, alla da songs covered are by one o' da best bands ta leak outta SoCal, The Descendents! I ben a fan o' dat band fer years junky (ol' Fi'dollar Billy an' Ollie Ottoman are too), ann'is batcha covers is secon' ta none. I SAY SECOND TO NONE JUNKY! There's covers by YACHT an' Fidlar an' The Henry Clay People an' Tijuana Panthers an' The Bronx an' Mike Watt an' Good Riddance innere, an'ey're all fuckin' great. That oughtta be the only reason ya need ta start scorin'ere, but I got more! I managaed ta scam a free EP from Matt Costa an' t'row it innere, an' new tunes by Death By Stereo and Authority Zero too. It's all about da punk an' hardcore party tunes dis week junky, so git ta swipin'!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Authority Zero – “Liberateducation” – [mp3]

Authority Zero – “No Other Place” – [mp3]

Ben Bridwell of Band Of Horses – “Hope (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Bobby Birdman – “I Don't Want To Grow Up (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Death By Stereo – “Harmonic Divisor” – [mp3]

Edsel – “Good Good Things (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Elle Macho – Five Song Sampler – [EP]

Fidlar – “Suburban Home (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Good Riddance – “Sour Grapes (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Hoist The Colors – “Shackles And Chains” – [mp3]

Matt Costa –
Assorted Since 2004 [EP]

Mike Watt + The Secondmissing Men – “Kabuki Girl (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Milo Greene – “Parents (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Notes To Self – “Sky Light (InBetween)” – [mp3]

Teen – “Ride The Wild (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

The Bronx – “Catalina (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

The Henry Clay People – “Clean Sheets (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Thrillionaire – “Myage (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Tijuana Panthers – “Can't Go Back (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

Tyler Bryant – Wild Child [EP]

YACHT – “All (Descendents cover)” – [mp3]

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