The SWAG Report 127

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Alrightalrightalrightokayalright awready ya funky junky punks,

How's trick wit' youse? Oh me? I'm doin' great! I ben movin' an' shakin' like a rat-racin' fiend, an' nabbin' alla da stuff I can nab fer youse! An' it's lookin' good fer youse dis week, ya lucky bastids, cause dis week my bag o' SWAG ain't bulgin' but it's full of addictive stuff thatcher gonna want all of – I know it.

Think I'm lyin'? Get dis – I scored some new Billy Bragg fer youse.

'At's right, new Billy Bragg. He ain't callin' ANTI– reckids home no more, he's off da radar an' doin' his own thang annit's friggin' awesome! Check it out – it's so nice, I got it right there at da top o' this week's stack!

While yer at it, make sure ya take a taste o' da new Born Ruffians, Hunx, Snowden, New Kingston anna whole friggin' album I scored from Son Lux an' threw innere fer youse – talk abotta mothaload! Alladat's worth more than justa shake junky, that's some shit ta love an' get hooked on! So go geddit, ann'en get da rest too!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

Billy Bragg – “Handyman Blues” – [mp3]

Born Ruffians – “With Her Shadow” – [mp3]

Boxed Wine – “Bones” – [mp3]

Calvin Love – “Missions” – [mp3]

Cassie Ramone – “I Don't Really Wanna Go” – [mp3]

Cliff Dweller – “In The Valley” – [mp3]

Dan Friel – “Thumper” – [mp3]

Helado Negro – “Dance Ghost” – [mp3]

Hunx – “I Won't Tell If You Won't Tell” – [mp3]

New Kingston – “Life” – [mp3]

Scratch Massive – “Waiting For A Sign (Workerpoor mix)” – [mp3]

Snowden – “Keep Quiet (Niva mix)” – [mp3]

Son Lux – At War With Walls, Mazes[Album]

The Last Bison – “Switzerland” – [mp3]

The Royal Concept – “World On Fire” – [mp3]

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