The SWAG Report 123

Thursday, 20 December 2012

I'm dingin' an' dongin' merrily junky, are you high?

Howzat holiday spirit treatin' ya junky? Me? I'm on cloud mothafuckin' nine! I'm swipin' right, I'm swipin' left, I'm swipin' everything that ain't nailed down fer youse junky, howzat grabbin' ya. Dis week too, I'm swipin' whole albums an' EPs fer youse – not jus' individual songs, but dose individual songs I did grab are pretty awesome. Like dis new tune “Santa Is An Asshole” – have you heard dis shit? I ben sittin' on it fer a coupla days junky, cuz I'm STILL laughin' at it! I's like da best anti-Christmas song eva, I'm tellin' youse. I got a couple othas like'at too – like “Santa Stole My Lady” form Fitz & The Tantrums'at I gots up in here, an' “I Love You Mr. Grinch” by Laura Warshauer – is' like an anti holiday festivity'er somethin'!

Ann'en there are the albums!

'At's right junky, I gots a couple o' EPs inn'ere fer youse 'atcher gonna love – like a Christmas EP by Hey Rosetta that'll warm yer cold junky heart, ann'en one by The Hood Internet thitcha gotta hear fer yerself ta believe, ann'a Kampala Nights EP by Open Mike Eagle, ann'a awesomest li'l thing from Letters Home called Take Your Time. All'a dis shit is worth yer fuckin' time junky, so get on th' stick an' start swipin'! I's a holiday freeferall!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Arise As Kings – “Haunted” – [mp3]

Bot'Ox – “Basement Love” – [mp3]

Campfires – “Fortune Teller” – [mp3]

David Byrne – “Who” – [mp3]

DJ Muggs – Sound Boy Killa [EP]

E4RTH – “It's The End Of The World As We Know It (R.E.M. cover)” – [mp3]  

Eric Butts – “Good Time” – [mp3]

Erin McKeown – “Santa Is An Asshole” – [mp3]

Fitz & The Tantrums – “Santa Stole My Lady” – [mp3]

Greg Boring – “Fine, Find, Fined” – [mp3]

Hey Rosetta – A Cup Of Kindness Yet[EP]

Indians – “Cakelaters” – [mp3]  

Johan Hedberg – “Some Kind Of Christmas” – [mp3]

Laura Warshauer – “I Love You Mr. Grinch” – [mp3]

Letters Home – Take Your Time[EP]

Matthew Perryman Jones – “Baby It's Cold Outside” – [mp3]  

Open Mike Eagle – Kampala Blackouts [EP]

Pang Attack – Phantom Forest[Album]

Supastition – “Yada Yada” – [mp3]

The Capsules – “Our Apocalypse” – [mp3]

The Hood Internet – FEAT Remixes[EP]

Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds” – [mp3]  

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