The SWAG Report 117

Friday, 26 October 2012

Hey Junky,

Dj'ou eva notice how weird it c'n be sometimes an' somethin' jus' falls outta the sky an' into yer lap? I's weird right? That happen'a me the otha day; I w's walkin' down along Avenue B – I hadda pick up somethin' fer somebody – an' I w's thinkin' about who I could hit fer more SWAG fer da Report. I hadda coupla sources in mind, but then outta the corner of my eye, I saw dis ol' tape right there onna sidewalk. 'At's right, a tape – a cassette – those awful soundin' things from the Eighties. I dunno where it came from (does anybody really listen ta dese t'ings anymore?), but layin' 'ere like is was, I took it as a sign; I picked it up, rushed my ass home an' got workin'. The damn thing was full o' music!  Top ta bottom, it wis packed wit' tunes, but I dunno who any of it's by – there wasn' nothin' written onnit or nothin', so it's jus' a buncha songs witout any names. Anyway, I figgered, 'waste not, want not,' an' I jury rigged it so I could make alla those tunes inta mp3s, ann'I got 'em inna SWAG Report dis week wit'a buncha otha goodies. If yer lookin' that mix tape issa las' thing onna SWAG Report dis week – an if ya download it an' know da songs, lemme know!I's fun too! Listenin's like playin' Russian Roulette or shootin' gallery wit' some otha junky's works – how brave're you feelin'?

Awright, 'ennere's da stuff I DO know. I nabbed about twenty songs on toppa dat mix tape an' some off'em 're pretty good! Like da two new tunes I nabed from dis band PAPA! Ya want pop? Dis band is friggin' aces inna pop market junky, dey got hits ta spare. Same thing goes fer da new Trashd Romeos tun I nabbed anna Farewell Republic, Heems an' Challenger tunes I scored! Dat bunch'll make a mix onn'eir own, but I got a bunch more too! So set up yer works an' start samplin' junky – it's all good!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Beca – “Born To Fly” – [mp3]

Cauldron – “Nitebreaker” – [mp3]

Challenger – “I Am Switches” – [mp3]

DaVinci – “Nothin' Finna Stop Me” – [mp3]

dEUS – “Keep You Close” – [mp3]

Dreamboat – “Sea To Sky” – [mp3]

Farewell Republic – “Bloomberg” – [mp3]

Heems – “Cowabunga Gnarly” – [mp3]

Jan – “All Of These Igloos” – [mp3]

Kuhrye-oo – “Give In For The Fam (DJ Slink mix)” – [mp3]

Lilly Hiatt – “Young Black Rose” – [mp3]

Livin' Proof – Cut The Check [Single]

PAPA – “Ain't It So” – [mp3]

PAPA – “I Am The Lion King” – [mp3]

Rubblebucket – “Focus Oversaturated (Geographer mix)” – [mp3]

Steffaloo – “Can't You See” – [mp3]

The Capsules – “Across The Sky” – [mp3]

The Darcys – “I Got The News” – [mp3]

Tony Castles – “One Tone Man” – [mp3]

Trashed Romeos – “I Sit And Cry” – [mp3]

Various Artists –
Untitled Mixtape – [Album]

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