The SWAG Report 109

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Awrightcha mooks,

Yeah, I dunno if I'm early or late anymore eitha – but didja miss me? I see ya shakin' junky, but don'chu worry, I got some stuff right'ere 'at's gonna cure all yer ills.

Well, maybe. I ain't gonna lie folks, I'm not quite sure what I got 'ere. I mean, I c'n tell ya I like it an' I c'n tell ya it's good, but'ere's more'n a coupla things inn'ere that I can't tell ya what'ey are – designer drugs mebbe. Like, I swiped a tune by dis band called Animal Parts right? Yu'd think it's a metal band right? I mean, Animal Parts? Tearin' animals apart like bitin' heads off bats an' shit like Ozzy Osbourne? Sure! But it ain't – i's pop junky, an' i's really fuckin' sweet pop – an' I like it! I's right'ere at the top o' the list, go geddit, ya tool!

An' while yer at it, definitely go score the Ladyhawk and Feist tunes I scored. Both of 'em are awesome even if one's a remix!

Afta dat, I got otha stuff, but I dunno if you c'n handle it junky – ey're bigga an' more involved, full EPs and albums! Yeah bitch! I scored a whole album by dis indie folkie country guy called Matthew Perryman Jones, annit's awesome! Dis kid's got heart an' soul man, an' he's a right man – no junk're nothin'. 'At's worth da price of admission, an' so's da new EPs by PENNYBIRDRABBIT an' Mapzz – even if none of 'em c'n spell! I don' get how dese guys got reckid contract widdout bein' able ta read an' write, but'eir music's pretty good; I guess, as ol' Fi'dollar Billy would say, “Music transcends the limitations of language Donnie, and transcends spelling – by extension.” Or some such shit. Who cares? Go getcher fix Junky! It's all'ere, an' it's all free – so go forth and pilfer yer weaselly black guts out!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Animal Parts – “What Our Love Is” – [mp3]

Apache Dropout – “Candy Bar” – [mp3]

Bailterspace – “Blue Star” – [mp3]

Beaten By Them – “Salvador Divinorum” – [mp3]

Careful – “It's Funny” – [mp3]

Chris E. Pants – Doggy Style[Single]

Chris McFarland – “Simple Selfish Plan” – [mp3]

Feist – “Graveyard (TRUST mix)” – [mp3]

Guardian Alien – “See the World Given to a One Love Entity (Part 1)” – [mp3]

James & Evander – Bummer Pop Remixes[EP]

Ladyhawk – “You Read My Mind” – [mp3]

Mapzzz – Empty Pockets [EP]

Mapzzz – Short Circles [EP]

Matthew Perryman Jones – Land Of The Living = [Album]

Montage One – “Chain Sinatra” – [mp3]

Outer Minds – “We Are All Stone” – [mp3]

Paloma Faith – “Picking Up The Pieces (album version)” – [mp3]

Paloma Faith – “Picking Up The Pieces (radio edit)” – [mp3]


Prince Rupert's Drops – “Pillar to Post” – [mp3]

PUJOL – “Providence” – [mp3]

Slim Twig – “Gun Shy” – [mp3]

Slim Twig – “Priscilla” – [mp3]

The Mynabirds – “Body Of Work” – [mp3]

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