The SWAG Report 107

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Awright junky,

So yeah, yeah, yeah I'm back an' blah blah blah i's good ta see me an' nah nah nah I ain't dead. Betcher thrilled, sure. So le's get down ta business; I been outta town an' ya know what I foun' when I got back? A fuck ton o' SWAG jus' layin' aroun'! An' some good, good shit too! Dis week, I got forty – FORTY – pieces o' primo dope fo' ya. Le's talk about some o' da bes' pieces.

First, I got da new solo EP from Flea fo' ya. Yeah, D'as right – da guy fr'm da Chili Peppers ann'a guy from Back ya da Future – dat guy has a new EP out all by his lonesome. I's pritty good too; his singin' voice usually ain't much, but everything sounds pritty good 'ere.

I also nabbed two new tunes from dis emcee Big Scary that'll rock yer girl clean outta her pants. Bro's got chops like a sabretooth tiger, I'm tellin' ya ye'v gotta hear it ta believe it, an' I got some right 'ere.

Shh… I scored a coupla new tunes by dis band'at ol' fi' dollar Billy's stuck on at da moment, California Wives. I's a little too new wave-y an' grungy fer me, but he really likes it an' you might too. Check it out, but keep where ya got it onna down low, junky.

Oh yeah – I also swiped some new tunes from pritty much every act onna Dine Alone roster, including but not limited to Grey Kingdoms (the guitar playa from Attack In Black's new act), Monster Truck, We Are Augustines an' Shovels & Rope, AND I swiped a new tune from The Delta Spirit fer yer oh-so-discernin' taste too junky. Ther's more too! Lots more! So go geddit awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Atlas Genius – “Trojans (Fred Falke mix)”

Balmorhea – “Pyrakantha”

Big Scary – “Falling Away”

Big Scary – “Gladiator”

California Wives – “Blood Red Youth”

California Wives – “Purple”

Caveman – “Old Friend”

Chains Of Love – “Mistake Lover”

City and Colour – “Sorrowing Man”

Deer Tick – “Miss K.”

Dirty Dave – “Drowning Doubts”

Dispatch – “Not Messin'”

Dylan Leblanc – “Part One: The End”

DZ Deathrays – “Dollar Chills”

Flea – Helen Burns EP

Gaz Coombes – “Hot Fruit”

Goldroom – “Pacific”

Great Bloomers – “Something More”

Grey Kingdom – “When The Seasons Drown”

Hacienda – “You Just Don't Know”

Hannah Georgas – “Enemies”

Hanni El Khatib – “Fuck it. You win.”

James Del Barco – “Page”

Jason Cruz And The Howl – “Spahn Ranch”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Visions”

Library Voices – “If Raymond Carver Were Born In The 90's”

Modern Rivals – “Defenestrate You”

Monster Truck – “Seven Seas Blues”

Neon Indian – “Fallout”

Parlovr – “You Only Want It 'Cause You're Lonely”

Shovels & Rope – “Birmingham”

Simon Felice – “Generation Handclap”

Simon Felice – “You & I Belong”

The Apache Relay – “Home Is Not Places”

The Cosmic Kids – “Basin Adjacent”

The Delta Spirit – “Tear It Up”

Them Jeans – “Night Night”

We Are Augustines – “Book Of James”

White Violet – “4 A.M.”

Yukon Blonde – “My Girl”

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