The SWAG Report 103

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hey Junky,

Awright, so, le's do da dance again shall we? I got alla music fo' ya, an' I think yer gonna line what I got dis week! I gotcha some special, tasty bits o' SWAG fo' ya that I think'll turn'at lil chippy inta a full-blown habit!

Firs' I gotcha da piece'atchu c'n get mos' anywhere, I gotcha da new OFF! tune, "Cracked." Remember las' week're somethin' when I said "Gee, that band must be getting comfortable or something, because this is the longest song they've ever written"? Well, they fixed that; the second song thit has falen through the cracks I nabbed, "Cracked," is only fifty-three seconds long! 'At's not da shortes' numba they ever did ('At'd be "Full Of Shit at thirty-four seconds), but not far off (heh.) annit's pretty awesome! Go check'at out, ann'en come back'ere an' read some more.

I'm waitin', don' be long.

Ya done?

Aright, afta dat an' onn'e otha side o' da coin, I nabbedjaa new YACHT tune fer contrast, jus' cuz I could. Dis new one's pretty friggin' good, an' i's guaranteed ta get a few o' you junkies' dance on but, jus' ta show ya where da connection between OFF! an' Yacht c'n be, I scored ya a primo new tune by Gossip. Now, whenn'is band started about ten years're so ago, they didn'soun' like'ey do now. When'ey started, ol' fi'dollar Billy loved 'em thought they were great (he'll tell'is story ta anybody who'll listen, 'at's how I know), dirty shirt rock n' roll band, wit' a singer (Beth Ditto) thit regularly got nekkid on stage whenn'a band wis playin'. Now though, they soun' like the Bee Gees, ann'ey're gettin' a whole lot more regard fer it. You c'n think whatchu want about it, but maybe dis new tune I scored will help ya make up yer mind.

Afta dat, I used my discernin' taste ta nab some otha new tunes from the likes o' AU, Anathema, Danks, Fixers, Gomez, Kool .D., New Beard, mbilly, Roxette (fer you junkies thit needjer retro fix) anna bunch otha stuff too. So go gettit junky git onna move an' start pilferin'!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Alva Leigh – "Ordinary Day"

Anathema – "The Storm Before The Calm"

AU – "OJ"

C.A. Smith – "Time"

The Danks – "Automocar"

Fixers. – "Crystals"

Fort Atlantic – Noisetrade Sampler album

Gomez – Live Volume Three: Los Angeles

Gossip – "Perfect World"

Jesca Hoop – "Born To"

Johnny Bertram – "Mistake"

Katie Herzig – "Jumping Trains"

Kool A.D. – 51

Leigh Marble – "Jackrabbit"

Leigh Marble – "Walk"

mbilly – "All Lives Lived"

mbilly – "malheur"

New Beard – "Doom"

OFF! – "Cracked"

Roxette – "It's Possible (radio edit)"

Shrouded Strangers – "Featherbed"

Shrouded Strangers – "Pink Lightning"

The Band Of Heathens – "One More Song"

The Hudson Branch – "Piggyback"

Thee On Sees – "Carrion Crawler"

Theresa Andersson – "Street Parade"

These United States – "Water Wheat"

Travis Merle – "Sixteen Tons"

Twin Trip – "Brain Dead"

YACHT – "Le Goudron (edit)"

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