The SWAG Report 102

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Heya junkie,

So here we are again, right back where we ben, right? I know, I know – that prolly sounds pretty static an' non-discript, don' it? I'm yer Don Loder right? The big loud mouth hustla. Well'is week, I ain't gonna lie to ya junkie, my bag o' SWAG is heavy, but there ain't no rhyme or reason to it – i's a real mixed bagga dope cut wit' some hip hop, some rock, some punk, some alt-country an' god only knows whatchu'd call some o' da rest of it. I's good though, check it out….

Fer alla da alt-country folks out d'ere, I nabbed a brand new EP by Cuff The Duke an' threw da whole thing inn'ere, an' inna similar line I grabbed some fresh black an' blue-eyed soul by The Arkells. Dis new one by The Arkells is pretty awesome; it didn'take long fer da band ta fall inta grace an' start producin' some fine, tormented rock fer lovers an' not fighters. Check those two offerin's out if ya wanna getcher heart touched or warmed or somethin'.

That ain't bad but, fer alla you trendsettin'/followin' scenesters outt'ere, I got a bucket load fer you. This week, I nabbed some new Beach House, some new Black Lips, some new Florence + The Machine, new Lumineers, Neon Indian and Oberhofer ta name only a few. What's'at all add upta? A mixed bag o' weirdness thit's STILL addictive, an' when ya add some new up-an'-comers like The Forty Nineteens an' The Head And The Heart, I'd say ya got somethin' fer everybody, an' alla it is good, good shit. Go see fer yerself junkie — scroll down an' don' resist the urge ta pilfer!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

The Arkells – "Kiss Cam"

Band Of Skulls – "The Devil Takes Care Of His Own"

Beach House – "Myth"

Beach House – "Zebra"

Beirut – "Santa Fe"

Black Lips – "Dance With You"

Coke Weed – "Jimmy"

Cuff The Duke – In Our Time EP

Dana Buoy – "So Lucky"

Destroyer – "Kaputt"

Destructo – "L.A. Funky (featuring OLIVER)"

EMA – "Angelo"

Florence + The Machine – "No Light No Light (Spector Ryan Gosling mix)"

Gaslamp Killer – "Carpool Dummy"

Givers – "In My Eyes"

Keep Shelly In Athens – "DIY"

Le Butcherettes – "New York"

Lumineers – Tracks From The Attic EP

Moss Icon – "Guatemala"

Neon Indian – "Hex Girlfriend"

Oberhofer – "Heart"

Porter Robinson – "100% In The Bitch"

The Forty Nineteens – "Trucker's Song"

The Forty Nineteens – "Turn It Around"

The Head And The Heart – "Ghosts"

The Inner Banks – "Ana Peru"

Thundercat – "Daylight"

We Were Promised Jetpacks – "Act On Impulse"

Wild Beasts – "Bed Of Nails"

Yuck – "Soothe Me"

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