The SWAG Report 101

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Damn straight I'm back again junky, where'd ya think I w's gonna go?

An' I gotta'notha windfall fer ya too! Yup, jus' a few days afta I drowned ya wit' one hundrit pieces o' SWAG ta send ya inta shock, here I am wit anotha thirty or so. Whaddaya t'ink o' them apples?

Not thit I held anything bsck las' time, but I gotta few gems'is week too. Some o' da pics o' dis week's litta as far as I'm concerned is stuff like da three tunes I nabbed from Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands; I dunno much about dis band (yet), but listenin' ta them makes me think o' Amanda Palmer an' what she'd sound like if she ever make music wit' Danny Elfman; i's sorta lush an' dramatic wit' a sprinkle o' vaudeville innit.

Awright, that oughtta keep ol' fi'dollar Billy offa my case about dealin' an' not sayin' nothin'.

What else? Dis week I was feelin' a little old, what wit' havin' jus' celebrated one hundrit weeks onnis chart, so I started lookin' fer stuff thit sounded a li'l old. What I found wis a tune by Andre Williams bein' backed up by The Sadies an' givin' up some great corroded Soul, a tune by Ane Brun which would play great nex' ta that onna mix, an'I rediscovered Catl 'cause it's all Billy's been talkin' about. Alla dat's great, ann'at's jus' fer starters'is week junky! So go geddit awready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

A. David McKinnon – "Clocks Against Typewriters"

Aesop Rock – "Zero Dark Thirty"

Amadou & Mariam – Folila [Album]

Andre Willians and The Sadies – "One Eyed Jack"

Ane Brun – "Do You Remember"

Boxer The Horse – "Rattle Your Cage"

Cadence Weapon – "Conditioning"

catl. – "Gold Tooth Shine"

Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands – "Drowned Out"

Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands – "Especially Your Mother"

Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands – "The Misplaced Zygote"

Elisa Luu – "Se fosse per me"

Eric Chenaux – "Amazing Backgrounds"

Great Lake Swimmers – "Easy Come Easy Go"

Hoots & Hellmouth – "Why Would You Not Want To Go There?"

Inca Gold – "Atom"

Jenny Gillespie – "Creature Of Our Make"

Jenny Gillespie – "Sunshine Blood"

Octoberman – "Wind Up Bird"

Old Time Machine – "Pouring Rain"

Radio Radio – "Sunrise All-inclusive War Tour"

Red Jacket Mine – Bellar and Bawl 7"

The Creepy Crawlies – "Get Buried"

The Creepy Crawlies – "Mollie The Maggot part II"

The Elwins – "Come On Out"

Tiger High – "Don't Want To See You Till You Go"

West In Dust – sampler [Album]

Zoon Van Snook –
Remixes From The Nutty Tree

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